Source: BASF

A survey commissioned by BASF shows that most people in agriculture are concerned about common lambsquarters, marestail, ragweed species and waterhemp. The survey of 800 growers, retailers, distributors and university experts say these weeds are most concerning because of the increasing tolerance or resistance to glyphosate.

In the survey, common lambsquarters and marestail were the top weed threats for 45 percent of respondents. Close behind were common or giant ragweed (43 percent) and waterhemp (41 percent). Morningglory species (30 percent) and palmer amaranth (26 percent) were also noted as weeds-to-watch.  Palmer amaranth poses the greatest threat in the Southern U.S.

Midwestern states garnered 63 percent of survey responses, with 60 percent ranking waterhemp as the top weed to watch, followed closely by lambsquarters (57 percent) and ragweed (56 percent).

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