Source: BASF

BASF Crop Protection presented educational information and research results on a new active ingredient, Xemium fungicide, during the fifth annual "Science Behind" media symposium last week. This new chemistry demonstrates strong field test results in disease control in a variety of crops being researched. BASF hopes to introduce products containing this new active ingredient in the United States in 2012.

Xemium, a next-generation fungicide in the carboxamide family, was discovered by researchers at BASF headquarters in Limburgerhof, Germany. Xemium is a result of BASF experience in research and development, specifically in the carboxamide class of chemistry.

"Our history and experience with carboxamides led us to the discovery of Xemium, which will be a strong addition to our existing global fungicide portfolio," said Ulf Groeger, Ph.D., BASF Global Project Leader for Xemium. "The unique mobility in the plant ensures a long-lasting preventative and curative effect to protect the crop from damaging fungal pathogens."

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