Source: BASF and DuPont

BASF and DuPont are offering separate new marketing programs for the 2010 season.

BASF and Farm Plan can help growers maximize their investment for their 2010 purchases. Under the special program, growers can finance their purchase of two crop protection products from BASF, such as Headline fungicide or Kixor herbicide technology, through Farm Plan with 0 percent interest through next fall. Growers need to sign up by Feb. 15.

DuPont has introduced its Crop Protection Plus product cost replacement program to eligible cereal crop growers. It provides product replacement credit when wheat (including durum), barley, oats or triticale treated with a DuPont herbicide is lost to drought, flood, freeze/frost, fire or hail. Cereal growers automatically qualify by purchasing DuPont Affinity, Agility, Ally, Express, Finesse, Glean and Harmony brand herbicides from their local DuPont retailer and applying them to the cereal crop according to label directions.

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