Source: BASF

BASF will continue support of Operation S.A.F.E. (Self-Regulating Application and Flight Efficiency) fly-ins in 2011 through its collaboration with the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA). Through the partnership, BASF provides financial support for participating aerial applicators, which can be used towards membership in NAAA or for new spray equipment.

"More than 800 aerial applicators participated in 99 Operation S.A.F.E. fly-ins over the last two years," said Tony Goede, BASF plant health coordinator. :This important program helps ensure efficiency for the entire aerial application industry."

In order to take advantage of the BASF Equipment and NAAA Membership Rebate Program, an operator or pilot must be an NAAA member. Although it is not necessary to be a member to participate in an Operation S.A.F.E. fly-in, that person must become an NAAA member before applying for and being granted approval for the rebate application. Then the operator or pilot can apply to be reimbursed for some or all of their 2011 membership dues or submit receipts to receive a rebate for nozzles and/or tips purshased for the aircraft. 

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