The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA), the premier organization for rural consulting services announced today a partnership with, LLC (LOA), the nation's leading rural land listing service. This partnership will provide a central comparable sales program for rural properties to ASFMRA members as well as listing opportunities. The program will benefit not only members and rural real estate professionals but also the buying public by providing and promoting the vast database of rural land properties for sale on the Web site.

Jake Massengale, CEO of LOA says, "It is a big undertaking and a long term program, but with the reach that both of our groups have within the rural real estate market, we think it is a goal that can be accomplished". LOA provides listing services for rural properties including farms, ranches, timberland, mountain, and waterfront real estate on their network of over 250 rural real estate websites. Members of LOA can utilize this beneficial new program to share information about properties they are involved with selling. As a result, they are able to search the entire program for comparable sales through their main Web site.

The ASFMRA provides members with management, valuation and consulting services to the agricultural and rural property community with their immense network of professionals. "We are pleased to have this great new partnership with This has proven to be a great new tool in the tool box for managing, valuing and selling rural property," says Merrill E. Swanson, ARA, district vice president, serving on the Executive Council for ASFMRA, "I have found that is a very cost effective and successful advertising medium to expose rural land listings to a wide variety of prospects. The ability to advertise listings not only on LandsOfTexas, as in my case, but on all of the associated websites provides very good exposure on a national basis. The knowledge of these listings on provides appraisers a head start for confirming comparable sales. The new comparable sales data system being developed by should greatly aid Appraisers, Managers and Brokers in the American Society."

With the ASFMRA and LOA teaming up to provide these services to their membership base, it increases the exposure of rural properties nationwide and provides valuable tools for sharing information and valuing properties. This information is intended to be a starting place and used in a general way. Members are cautioned to always verify the integrity of the information by a professional.