Source: Businesswire

Purfresh, a provider of technologies that purify, protect, and preserve our food and water, announced that Purshade, a family of calcium-based products scientifically engineered to protect fruits, vegetables and other crops from harmful solar and water stress, is now available in Mexico through Arysta LifeScience Corporation. Growers in Mexico have been using Purshade on a variety of crops including tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and squash, and have experienced significant decreases in physical sun-related damage and increased yield with Purshade.

"Growers have tried various solutions, including kaolin clay and overhead cooling, to protect crops from solar damage — all with varying results," said Benjamin Robles, product manager for Arysta LifeScience Corporation. "With the protection of Purshade, growers have experienced increases in biomass production and improvements in crop quality characteristics, including size, color and weight, resulting in higher-quality and higher-value crops. As a supplier of crop protection products, we are pleased to offer the Purshade family of products to our growers to help them maintain the high quality of Mexican produce."

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