Source: Mosaic Company

With cotton prices reaching all-time highs and cotton acres forecast to increase beyond what was planted in recent years, growers across the South are working to ensure each acre is prepared to achieve top yields. According to a recent survey by the National Cotton Council, it is estimated U.S. growers will plant more than 12.5 million acres of cotton this year, up nearly 14 percent from 2010. The Mosaic Company has created a new Web site with resources for growers looking to maximize cotton yields in 2011.

Growers can visit to view a variety of educational resources and materials about cotton production-related topics, including nutrient deficiency identification, cotton nutrient management, and soil- and tissue-testing insights. And, they can download the "2011 Cotton Craves K-Mag" audio, offering helpful cotton production information from The Mosaic Company agronomy team.

Cotton is a nutrient-intensive crop. Here, growers are able to learn about the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy cotton crop, and how those nutrients influence plant development and growth. A precise nutrient management plan is central to profitable crops by helping growers identify potential nutrient pitfalls and provide proper nutrients at the right time during the crop's growth cycle.

The shortage of just one of these vital nutrients can significantly diminish plant health and, ultimately, yield levels. Enhanced disease resistance and high-quality fiber also depend on a proper soil fertility program. Growers can learn about these topics and more by visiting the Web site. K-Mag provides crops readily available potassium, sulfur and magnesium, ensuring that crops have access to these vital nutrients throughout the entire growing season.