Source: Beck's Hybrids

Beck's Hybrids and, powered by RainWave, announced a partnership enabling Beck's Hybrids to be the exclusive provider of; providing services in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Kentucky. Beck's will offer the service as This proven technology provides farmers a better way to accurately measure and receive rainfall information. Simply put,, offered through Beck's Hybrids, enables farmers to capture daily rainfall amounts from any location they choose. The rainfall data from each of their selected locations is sent to the farmer's email address each morning, enabling them to make better farm management decisions.

Using patent-pending technology that includes Doppler radar data and proprietary algorithms, combined with a farmer's field GPS coordinates and a reliable quality control system, collects the precise amount of rainfall for a given location and sends a rain report to the farmer's email without the use of a rain gauge at the location. As a result, farmers always have access to their site-specific rainfall data without the need to maintain and monitor rain gauges or keep manual records. 

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