Syngenta continues partnerships with key universities in Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon and Washington to bring late blight hotlines to potato growers in 2013. The annual potato blight hotlines are sponsored by Revus Top fungicide and provide growers with access to disease information that allows them to stay ahead of disease pressures in their area. This year growers can sign up to receive text messages alerting them whenever the hotline in their area is updated.

As in years past, growers will be able to call the toll-free hotlines for expert advice on weather conditions, disease-control measures and infection confirmations starting in May.

The hotlines are managed by expert researchers at key universities in each participating state.

The potato blight hotlines are available by calling:

“In the potato industry, timing is everything,” said Steve Gomme, Syngenta potato portfolio head. “We want growers to know what’s going on in their area in real time, not what was going on last week. These text notifications get us a little closer to that, and we believe that they are a great resource to help our customers grow the best possible crop.”

Collaboration with key influencers and organizations within the potato industry is a primary component of the approach Syngenta takes toward doing business. The results are great products like Revus Top, the Syngenta solution to late blight. Even under adverse weather conditions, Revus Top offers reliable, broad-spectrum disease control.