Herbicide drift can pose problems to winegrape vineyards wherever they are.

But the problem can be a particularly tough in the Midwest, where many vineyards are surrounded by corn and soybean fields treated with herbicides to control weeds.

To help growers address the challenge, Purdue University is running an online series dubbed, "Through the Grapevine," according to a news release.

Herbicide drift is just one of many topics the educational series will address.

Under the worst cases, drift can kill grapevines.

To help reduce drift problems, growers of specialty crops can list their fields, orchards or vineyards in an online registry, DriftWatch, developed by Purdue.

Herbicide applicators also use the maps on the site to check for sensitive crops before spraying.

So far, only a handful of Midwestern states as well as Montana and Colorado are participating in DriftWatch.