Orlando-based company, AGERpoint, Inc., has developed a series of technologies designed to deliver data management to growers of tree and vine-based crops. These solutions redefine data acquisition, analysis, and translation for growers, giving them the real-time data they need to make the most effective business decisions for their holdings.

The team behind AGERpoint, led by company president Thomas McPeek, PhD, is defined by decades of experience in the worlds of information technology and scientific research. After nearly two years of development, McPeek and his team are excited about the release of these information management solutions. "We think that our new solutions will provide growers with unprecedented access to critical information," says McPeek, "giving growers greater understanding of their crop holdings can dramatically increase productivity."

Capturing, Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Sharing Data from the Fields

The AGERpoint suite of solutions has been built to provide growers with a point-by-point system that delivers comprehensive data during the growth stage and through harvest and delivery.

A four-stage data management system first allows growers to capture data on a holding's health via 3D laser scanning (LiDAR), survey GPS, and optical sensors. This culled data contains critical specifics on a holding's health, such as tree trunk diameter, canopy density, leaf color and tree height and volume.

This data is analyzed and synthesized into a rich data set which then can be accessed by the grower through a user-friendly, web-based interface. Growers can access and share this information anytime, anywhere and share it across their holdings, driving enterprise-wide, detail-oriented decisions that can help them more confidently manage the health and productivity of their holdings.

McPeek says of the technology, "We see this as a potential turning point for precision agriculture..."