Organic Plant Health Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of organic-based, hybrid and environmentally responsible fertilizers, soil conditioners and pest controls announced the addition of a new granular fertilizer to its product line. The new product called, "Palm & Tropical Blend", is a special formulation to improve soil structure and healthy growth in a variety of non-fruit bearing tropical trees and plants, including all varieties of palms. 

"This is a product we have been working on for a long time and I couldn't be happier to announce that we will begin selling this product to our retail partners and their customers later this fall," stated Billy Styles, President and CEO of the company. "I've been working with my brain trust on developing this product since 2011, well before we signed our distribution agreement with Corpotool, (a Florida based hardware supply distributor servicing more than 9,000 retail outlets). This product should sell through extremely well in the warmer climates of the southern United States where many of Corpotool's clients operate. The launching of this product also demonstrates our ability to provide affordable, premium plant care products, as well as educational resources, based on unique geographical plant needs.

Alan Talbert, company vice president and COO said, "We plan to introduce this new product to a large group of retail partners in southern Florida at the end of October. Based on recent conversations with key players Billy and I anticipate wide acceptance and sell-through, which will likely translate into a notable spike in our non-lawn fertilizer product segment."

New product innovation is one of many ways that Organic Plant Health reinforces investor confidence and provides added value for our shareholders. The company has a very real plan for expansion that includes additional new product launches and refinements, new relationships with distribution and retail partners, as well as increased revenue and profitability, all of which will increase investor confidence and shareholder value. Stay tuned for additional updates on our sure and steady growth.