A new company named Direct Ag Source, LLC is being formed in partnership with United Suppliers (US), Independent Agribusiness Professionals (IAP), and ChemNut, Inc. (CNI). The new company will hold the assets of James Oliver Products, LLC recently acquired by United Suppliers, Inc., as well as other post patent and differential offerings. 

Direct Ag Source, LLC will have access to over 20 percent of the U.S. market in crop protection and production.  More information concerning the management structure, and other details regarding Direct Ag Source, LLC will be shared in the future, according to the news release sent Monday morning.

Corporate offices of the three companies are quite distant from each other—IAP, Fresno, Calif.; United Suppliers, Eldora, Iowa; and ChemNut, Leesburg, Ga.

The news release was sent as a joint announcement coming from the presidents of the three companies involved—Bob Higby, IAP; Brad Oelmann, United Suppliers; and Chris Payne, ChemNut.