Germains Seed Technology announced the launch of gopure, the first verticillium wilt treatment for spinach to the U.S. market, following approval in late fall 2012 by the Federal EPA, and in January 2013 from the state of California.

gopure powered by Rancona technology is a unique and innovative development in plant health for the Seed Industry, and the result of a successful collaboration between Germains and Chemtura AgroSolutions, a division of Chemtura Corporation and a leading niche developer and manufacturer of agrochemicals. Both Parties have signed an exclusive agreement which will see Germains as the sole supplier of this powerful and unique technology for spinach seed applications in the US.

Germains R&D Manager, Dale Krolikowski, said “gopure is supported by six years of research, primarily looking at how to lessen the terrible effect Verticillium Wilt has had on Salinas Valley growers crops.”

gopure uses a combination of fungicides that inhibits the growth of seed borne fungal pathogens, such as Verticillium dahliae, Stemphylium botryosum, Cladosporium and Alternaria. Seed-borne diseases are a serious issue that costs the seed industry a significant amount each year. Without clean and healthy seed, potential yield increases could be compromised.

gopure key benefits include:

  • virtually no pathogen found on gopure-treated seed
  • activity against soil borne pathogens
  • compatible with other Germains’ technologies and seed treatments

Paul Thomson, director of third party technology, at Chemtura AgroSolutions said “Chemtura is constantly striving to deliver high-quality, efficacious products to enhance quality and yield in selected markets. This opportunity to work with Germains, a recognised leader in seed technology to deliver an innovative solution such as gopure powered by Rancona technology, is very exciting for us.”

Germains Business Director, Cathy Farr commented. “Both companies recognise the benefits of collaborative partnerships and this seemed a natural fit. We both want to deliver industry-leading technologies that offer value to the grower, and gopure powered by Rancona is one of the best examples of satisfying this need, while delivering strong, healthy seeds to the horticultural industry.”