Bayer CropScience announced that its Movento insecticide has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for additional crops, including pistachios, legume vegetables, tropical fruits, dried prunes and okra.

Movento is already registered for use on several crops, including grapes, citrus, lettuce, apples and others. For a complete list of approved crops, please refer to the most current product label, including the supplemental label listing the additional crops.

"Growers had expressed their strong interest in applying Movento to a broader range of crops threatened by damaging sucking insects," said Kevin Adam, product manager for Bayer CropScience. "This latest registration will help growers effectively and selectively control pests such as aphids, whiteflies and others found on the newly listed crops."

The tremendous efficacy demonstrated by Movento is based on its two-way systemic activity within the plant. After application, Movento moves upward and downward through the plant tissue, ensuring even and continuous distribution and better overall protection of young shoots, leaves and roots. Movento targets sucking pests specifically, and has minimal impact on beneficial insects, making it an excellent choice for use in an Integrated Pest Management Program.

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