Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) Executive Director Timothy Quinn issued a statement  on a newly released study on agricultural water use efficiency by California State University, Fresno.

"This study makes it clear that agricultural water users are on the right track when it comes to managing the water supplies so critical to growing food and fiber in California.

"The study's findings effectively refute claims that farmers are wasting water. In fact, farmers around the state are making excellent use of technology and efficient practices that make sense for the bottom-line. For growers, water is a business decision and as with any other input, they are not inclined to use more than they need.

"The study also provides a good counter-point to assertions that large volumes of water could be freed up through agricultural conservation. The technical information presented in this study demonstrates why agricultural water conservation alone cannot be considered a 'silver bullet' to address California's water needs. This will be extremely important in the broader conversation about solutions to California's long-term water needs."