The Agricultural Retailers Association reported that farmers may find shortages of several types of fertilizer this spring, but liquid starters could top the list of products that send both producers and retailers scrambling for more. That is the synopsis of a DTN Morning Snapshot survey. The producer survey found 27 percent reporting their retailers could not guarantee all the phosphate fertilizer they needed in time for planting. Another 21 percent reported they were unable to secure their first choice in nitrogen fertilizers, such as anhydrous or urea. DTN also interviewed fertilizer dealers in seven states about the problem: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota. According to the DTN report:

  • All but two dealers interviewed said they had enough fertilizer on hand to cover all spring pre-pay orders, though the two that were short in supply said they had at least 90 percent of their needs.
  • All dealers were unanimous in their concerns over future availability of certain types of fertilizer.
  • Emerging as the area of greatest concern among most dealers interviewed was the availability of liquid starters for the spring.