Source: Reeg Lawyers LLC

Attorneys have filed a new federal lawsuit in the Southern District of Illinois, against atrazine and Syngenta Crop Protection Inc.

Kurtis Reeg, attorney for defendant Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., said this case was another frivolous atrazine lawsuit that only harms U.S. farmers.

"In these tough economic times, one may wonder why anyone  — other than class action lawyers — would seek to destroy what EPA estimates is a $2 billion annual economic benefit to the nation, and all of the jobs that go with it," Reeg said. "This lawsuit has no merit because we know from EPA-mandated testing that no water systems since 2005 have exceeded the annual average guidance for atrazine. We intend to defend ourselves vigorously."

"This suit is no surprise, as the same plaintiffs' attorneys who have been trying a wasteful case in Madison County, Ill., have been shopping this around for years," said Reeg. "Just last month, plaintiffs in Illinois voluntarily dismissed numerous damage and liability claims they had made in their case. With that disarray, it appears attorneys are scrambling to another venue in which to waste scarce taxpayer resources with junk science and false allegations for personal gain at the expense of U.S. agriculture."

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