USDA says that farmers intend to reduce their total acreages allotted to these crops by 7.8 million acres in 2009. The table lists 13 major crops, not counting the subdivisions for wheat and cotton. Total plantings are at 310.7 million acres versus 318.5 million last year. Some portion of the decline is attributable to less expected double-cropping behind winter wheat in the South, because soft red acres nationally are at 8.38 million versus 11 million last year. But that does not account for the largest portion of the yearly decline.

It is possible that final plantings will exceed intentions. We maintain totals on 14 major crops, and for that group, last year final plantings exceeded intentions by 1.3 million. And that was even after floods prevented plantings in some areas of the country. As a general historical observation, most years final acreage totals collectively for the major crops are less than the March forecast.

Individual discussions on some of the major crops follow below. There will be additional discussions in the corn, soybean and wheat commodity digests out later this week.

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