Source: AgVenture news release

Three seasoned Michigan seedsmen have launched AgVenture of Michigan, the newest in the nation's largest network of independently owned and operated regional seed companies. The new Michigan seed company will base its headquarters in Central Michigan.

Jeff Oesterreicher, Chesaning, Mich. native and a 32-year seed business veteran, formerly national sales manager with Great Lakes Hybrids. will lead AgVenture of Michigan as itd general manager. Oesterreicher has served the agricultural community his entire life and looks forward to continuing this service with AgVenture of Michigan.

"We're very pleased to launch this new business," Oesterreicher said. "We're confident that with greater access to seed genetics and traits, we can offer Michigan farmers more profitability on every acre. The strength of the AgVenture brand is their unmatched access to all genetics and traits. This provides growers with a distinct advantage in selecting the right seed for their operations. Combined with our experience and ability to work with growers one-on-one, we believe AgVenture of Michigan will have a positive impact on the state's corn & soybean production and on our growers' overall profitability."

Mitch Ray, of St. Johns, Mich., will serve as marketing and product development manager. Ray will be instrumental in growing the AgVenture brand in Michigan. A native of Nebraska and also a long-time resident of Michigan, Ray has served the seed industry for the past 33 years. Most recently, he served as corn, soybean and alfalfa product manager and agronomy manager for Great Lakes Hybrids.

"The seed industry has advanced at such a rapid pace," Ray said. "Stacked traits and superior genetics are required for success and profit today. In the future, growers will need ever-better access to those combinations that perform consistently and effectively. This new endeavor allows us to provide our growers unique value in each bag of seed."

Eighteen-year seed veteran Gary Grigg of Essexville, Mich., will serve the company as sales manager. Grigg served as a dealer, district sales manager and regional team leader for the state of Michigan during his many years with Great Lakes Hybrids. He said he looks forward to working directly with growers in this new role.

"With AgVenture of Michigan, we're really pleased to put the grower first," he said. "I have deep respect for the growers I've worked with over the years. In this new business model, we're able to offer growers specific support, localized service, agronomy support and access to multiple sources for products, genetics, traits and technologies."

AgVentureInc. Business Development Manager Chuck Schneider said, "We look forward to introducing the AgVenture story in Michigan. Growers should know that while new to Michigan, AgVenture has successfully operated for twenty five years. AgVenture continues to grow and is now active in independent regional seed companies in 24 states. he autonomy offered AgVenture business owners at the local level assures the best cropping decisions are made on every acre."