Source: AgTerra Technologies

AgTerra Technologies Inc., a developer of hardware and software for the agriculture and natural resources industries, has released its SprayLogger product.

SprayLogger is a GPS-based system that automatically records information during a pesticide application. Developed primarily for use by weed and pest agencies for noxious weed and mosquito control, SprayLogger automatically tracks geographic locations of pesticide applications, work order parameters, environmental conditions, amount of chemical used and more.

"Documenting pesticide applications is more important than ever," AgTerra President Alan Telck said. "SprayLogger users appreciate that they are able to electronically capture regulatory and application specific information on the go. We focused very hard on making it easy to use."

SprayLogger automatically captures important information at the time of spraying including GPS location, the amount sprayed, the pests controlled, the name of the applicator and environmental conditions including temperature.

Records may be automatically linked with work orders and all data is securely managed via the user's online access to the system. Data export into spreadsheet and most database programs is standard functionality. There is also the ability to view and share maps from the system using Google Earth.

SprayLogger may be used as a standalone product or combined with other products available from AgTerra, which include Geographic Information Systems mapping software and WriteTEQ digital pen and paper solutions.