Source: Agrotain International

Agrotain International has announced that final registration procedures have been completed, clearing the way for use of its technology in all 27 member states of the European Union.

As early as the 2009 growing season, Agrotain technology will be available in select countries of the EU-27 in Amiplus fertilizer from Yara International. Amipluscould have an important role for growers of maize, wheat, rice, pasture and other agricultural crops.

Dr. Brian Wade, Agrotain International regional manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa, said this registration will represent the introduction of an exciting technology to the European Union.

"Agrotain is an important technical innovation that is now available for farmers in Europe through the Amiplus product from Yara," Wade said. "This demonstrates leadership by addressing key challenges such as increasing productivity, improving returns and enhancing stewardship."

Agrotain technology is a nitrogen stabilizer that reduces volatilization and creates opportunities for increased crop productivity by preventing nitrogen losses. The technology helps growers gain the most from their fertilizer investment by controlling volatilization of urea and UAN fertilizers. Controlling volatilization increases soil nitrogen availability to ensure healthier, high-yielding crops.

According to Andrew Semple, vice president of international marketing for Agrotain International, the 27 countries of Europe will join a roster of more than 70 countries with access to and a growing demand for the nitrogen-stabilizing technology.

"The popularity of Agrotain is growing rapidly around the world, so there is a great deal of excitement about its availability in the EU-27," Semple said. "More than ever, growers are interested in the fertilizer efficiency that the technology offers, resulting in financial and environmental benefits. We expect a great deal of interest from European growers."