Source: Agrotain

Agrotain urease inhibitors qualify for payments under Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). Growers wanting to enroll for the Conservation Stewardship Program should do so now to take advantage of many new stewardship options available for payments as part of the published guidelines from USDA-NRCS. The entire line of Agrotain products and SuperU fertilizer are eligible for CSP.

One of the most notable dimensions is the qualification of Agrotain urease inhibitors for payments, as part of an approved plan for nitrogen management.

"Last fall, farmers battled nature to get their crops out of the field. During that time a new program that is part of the farm bill was announced. We don't want farmers to miss the opportunity to receive the incentives for that reason," states Mike Stegmann, president of Agrotain International. "This program recognizes the potential of Agrotain products to improve nitrogen efficiency and environmental quality. We appreciate the pioneering efforts in Missouri and Arkansas which included Agrotain for these payments in the past. Now national attention is focused on the benefits of our technology that farmers can enjoy through improved nitrogen efficiency. Best of all, the program can make Agrotain available at virtually no cost to the farmer."

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