AgriSmart Information Systems is teaming up with AgriData, Inc., to offer an integrated information management system for ag applicators. AgriSmart utilizes convenient management tools, plus AgriData's Surety Customized Online Mapping system, to help ag application businesses take control of their inventory management, scheduling, records, reports, billing and applications.

AgriSmart's first two product introductions are Flight Plan Online and Ground Control Online. Flight Plan Online is designed to help aerial applicators spray more acres per plane per day, and manage more planes and pilots. It boasts many innovative functions, including user-friendly tools that make it easy to master key components of aerial application from start to finish. By creating professional and efficient data communications and workflow management, Flight Plan Online also helps improve profitability for aerial applicators.

Another key component of Flight Plan Online is its order and mapping system, powered by Surety Customized Online Mapping. Surety transforms information flow into an interactive combination of digital field maps and aerial photography that is precise and easy to use. All the necessary information is on the field map, including field size, state, county, section, township, range, and latitude and longitude. This program enables users to choose fields located almost anywhere in the United States. They can select entire fields or draw specific portions. In addition, shape files can be exported from Surety and downloaded into GPS guidance systems in the airplanes, significantly improving efficiency and spray accuracy.

AgriSmart's Ground Control Online will be utilized by retail dealers that provide custom application of fertilizer and crop protection products. The features of Ground Control Online and Flight Plan Online are similar, and both are intended to help the application industry become more efficient and profitable. More details on Ground Control Online will be announced by AgriSmart in the near future.

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