Surety Customized Online Mapping is adding new features that will save users time by allowing them to create and utilize custom reports faster and easier. These new features will enable users to store the information they use most, and utilize uncomplicated pull-down menus to select the desired information they want to input. Surety users will now be able to store and then select commonly used chemical and EPA registration numbers, as well as commonly used applicator names and license identification numbers. In addition, Surety will auto-fill users' contact information from their profile and automatically add their logo to the top of the page of all reports to create a more customized look.

Surety Customized Online Mapping from AgriData, Inc. is designed to help ag applicators, crop consultants, land managers and farmers increase the accuracy, productivity and efficiency of their work. By utilizing current Farm Service Agency acreage, field borders and the latest National Agriculture Imagery Program to generate maps and custom reports, Surety transforms information flow into an interactive combination of digital field maps and aerial photography that is precise, customizable and easy to use.

"We are always trying to develop additional features and reports to enhance customer satisfaction," says David Hagert, owner of AgriData, Inc. "These new features will make Surety an even more efficient tool for all areas of agribusiness."

For more information on Surety Customized Online Mapping and on how to use its new features, contact AgriData, Inc. at 701-746-8580, or visit its Web site.