Source: AgraQuest

AgraQuest CEO Marcus Meadows-Smith discussed "Biopesticides in the Green Ag Revolution" at EPA's celebration of Earth Day. Meadows-Smith met with federal legislators and other key influencers to U.S. agriculture and food production where he highlighted the need for legislative support to expand the adoption of biopesticides in mainstream food production under the company's vision, "The Green Agricultural Revolution."

He urged action in three areas:

  • A combination of regulatory, economic, and public policy mechanisms to expand the use of sustainable agricultural practices; 
  • A new "low-chem" or sustainable classification of produce, unique from organic, that recognizes the efforts of growers to produce high-yielding crops with much reduced pesticide residues; 
  • And, transparency of pesticide residue limits (MRLs) both within the U.S. and in export markets, so that American growers can effectively compete in global food networks.

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