AgProfessional Managing Editor Colleen Scherer and Editor Richard Keller last week met with the staff of Specialty Fertilizer Products at the company headquarters. They hand-delivered plaques commemorating that NutriSphere-N was selected as both a Top 10 New Product of 2007 and as the Readers' Choice New Product of the Year by AgProfessional.

The SFP headquarters are at Belton, Mo. Manufacturing facilities are at Columbus, Ohio, and Dalton, Ga. Laboratory facilities are in Chicago.

Officers of the company are Larry Sanders, president and CEO; John Hardy, executive vice-president; Jake Sanders, vice-president market development; and Jacob Mazo, vice-president technical services.

Scherer and Keller discussed with officers and staff the success the company has had with U.S. and international marketing of its products, and specifically NutriSphere-N. The company noted 2008 is a big year for making progress in international sales with advances in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.
CEO Sanders explains that NutriSphere-N's unique formulation helps prevent leaching and volatilization by creating an "active shield" to manage nitrogen in the soil. The shield prevents the action of urease in volatilization and slows nitrification reactions, and allows the plant better access to stable forms of nitrogen throughout the growing season.

Winning selection of the Editors' Choice Awards and Readers' Choice Award were based on the facts and information provided AgProfessional in news releases and background materials that were passed along to AgProfessional readers. SFP saw value in issuing interesting and stimulating information that explained its product's potential to audiences of AgProfessional magazine, the Web site and two electronic newsletters (AgProfessional Weekly and Dealer Update).

From left, Richard Keller, AgProfessional editor; Larry Sanders, president and CEO of Specialty Fertilizer Products; Jake Sanders, vice-president market development of SFP; and Colleen Scherer, AgProfessional managing editor, met at the SFP headquarters in Belton, Mo. The Sanders are holding the AgProfessional Editors' Choice Award and AgProfessional Readers' Choice Award.

The headquarters staff and officers of Specialty Fertilizer Products gathered in front of their office and the logo adorned SFP Hummer. The company has expanded greatly in the last couple years and will be moving to new offices during 2008. From left are Melanie Acklin, Rick Periera, Lily Carpio, Michelle Alston, Donna Sanders, Larry Sanders, Jake Sanders, Lenora Redenbaugh, Doug Jewell and Cathie Plumbley.