Source: AGCO Corp.

AGCO Corp. has recently introduced its new ElectRoGator, which is a concept vehicle (not a pre-production or production prototype) based on the current front entry RoGator 1386.

It is designed to be a test-bed for electric drive systems not a sprayer product prototype. The incorporation of four advanced electric wheel motors as propulsion for a high-clearance row crop sprayer provides the most broad-spectrum testing of this technology as a replacement for hydrostatic wheel motors, according to AGCO.

As a concept vehicle intended to test drive system ideas, the ElectRoGator is not slotted into any future application equipment production and marketing schedules. ElectRoGator is an example of AGCO exploring its product development options. AGCO plans to conduct extensive testing to document and compare the efficiency, productivity and, above all, ruggedness and dependability of this concept and other drive system concepts in a wide range of applications and operating environments. 

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