The 2009 Classic Farm Tractors Calendar is the 20th calendar published by John Harvey of Wilmington, Del. Harvey was at the forefront of printing an antique tractor calendar while working for DuPont Ag Products.

For several years, DuPont, under Harvey's leadership, sponsored an antique classic farm tractor calendar, which was used as a premium and giveaway by DuPont sales representatives. The calendars could be spotted hanging in ag retailer offices around the country starting in 1990. Many farmers have praised the calendar as a first in giving wide attention to antique tractor buffs and those who restore them.

Soon after Harvey exited the company through early retirement, DuPont decided to discontinue the calendar, and Harvey established his Classic Tractor Fever company and continued to print the Classic Farm Tractors Calendar similar to DuPont's version,

The calendars have highlighted restored tractors built from the beginning to the end of the 20th century. Harvey's company has offered a wide assortment of antique tractor merchandise in addition to the annual calendar, including videos, posters, books, newsletters, caps and shirts. This year a new special video program and large poster commemorate the 20 years of calendars.

Harvey has brought attention to some of the best antique tractor restorations ever completed in the U.S. and some of the rarest tractors of which only a few were built. The high-quality calendar photography has been a cornerstone of each oversized (22 inch by 14 inch) calendar. Monthly notes tell a little about the tractor owners, but the whole story about the tractor and its owner have always been told through professionally shot videos. As Harvey said, "every tractor has an interesting story to tell. There's information about each tractor, providing a snapshot of America's farm life at that time."

Harvey has established a network of friends and business associates in the U.S. and overseas that share news and information about antique tractor get togethers.

The company's Web site is The phone number is (800) 888-8979.

Of special note, Harvey reported, the world's biggest farm tractor ever built, Big Bud 747, is scheduled to be hauled in July on two semi trucks from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest for display at special occasions. Harvey was one of the first to bring attention to Big Bud and wrote a book about the tractor's manufacture and farm use.