Source: CropLife America

"Modern agriculture depends on safe and effective crop protection for today, and to feed a world population of more than 9 billion by 2050, we'll need even better technology," said CropLife America (CLA) president Jay Vroom in remarks at the 2010 InformEx trade show in San Francisco. "While crop protection is a small segment of the overall global chemistry industry, our sector is one of the most intensive in innovative research and our farm customers create some of the highest value-added outcomes you can find anywhere in the U.S. economy." InformEx is the leading trade show for the fine chemicals industry in North America and is supported by the entire high value chemistry industry.

"American farmers lead the world in adopting innovative technology to improve productivity and reduce their environmental footprint, and their use of our crop protection products is one of the best examples of innovation you can find in food production," Vroom noted. "We will soon release a study of the investment our industry makes in developing new, innovative products, and that data will show that the investment in research and development for each new crop protection product by our members has increased by about 30 percent over the last five years — a clear demonstration of our commitment to finding tomorrow's solutions for crop protection." 

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