Ag Leader Technology, Inc. a leading manufacturer of precision farming equipment has introduced DirectCommand for strip-till applicators. The popular DirectCommand system now offers direct control for granular and liquid products to meet all strip-till application needs.

DirectCommand for strip-till applicators monitors bin level and fan speed sensors, maintains accurate application rate by controlling servo or PWM hydraulic valves, and supports multiple product prescription rate control all through the InSight display. DirectCommand not only runs all your air cart bins, but also controls anhydrous at the same time. The system provides fan speed monitoring with user defined high and low speed limits and an option to shut off product dispense if fan speed falls below a minimum setting. There are also static and in-field calibration routines. The InSight DirectCommand system makes strip-till applicators easy to run by providing all the desired functions in one system.

The AutoSwath feature automatically shuts off product application as the strip-till applicator enters and exits previously applied areas, this is especially useful around point rows and field borders where over-application and skips are most likely to occur. The InSight display can record multiple sub-boundaries within a field for use by the AutoSwath feature around terraces and waterways. This enables AutoSwath to automatically turn product application on and off when passing in and out of these field areas. An on-screen coverage map showing skips and overlaps as small as one foot provides visual verification the system is doing its job.

Smart Report
The simple to use Smart Report feature helps meet product application record keeping needs when performing strip-till application. Enter the temperature, wind speed, EPA number and soil condition (temperature and moisture) and the InSight display creates a report as a PDF file on a memory card-including a map with legend, total volume/area applied as well as other system and user supplied data. The Smart Report is an easy to use record keeping solution for all application operations.