Source: American Soybean Association

The American Soybean Association, along with 137 other agricultural organizations including 12 state soybean affiliates, sent a letter to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) supporting her introduction of a resolution of disapproval regarding the decision of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to move forward on regulating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. ASA says it believes that EPA should not regulate GHG under the CAA, and that unilateral action by the U.S. will further erode our global competitiveness and have negligible impact on global warming.

"The EPA rule itself claims to establish only a weak, indirect link between greenhouse gases and public health and welfare, going so far as to admit there are uncertainties over the net, direct health impacts of the greenhouse gases it is attempting to regulate," said ASA President Rob Joslin, a soybean producer from Sidney, Ohio. "EPA's finding puts the agricultural economy at risk despite the lack of any significant environmental benefit."

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