Source: Advanced Biological Systems

Now producers who want to eliminate one extra application before planting soybeans can, with Graph-Ex Soybean Inoculant plus Seed Lubricant. Advanced Biological Systems developed this prepackaged combination made up of two components: a talc-graphite carrier to add lubrication to planters, plus the award-winning Excalibre soybean inoculant.

Graph-Ex is the first soybean inoculant designed to make planting better with two-in-once convenience, according to Advanced Biological Systems. Graph-Ex offers producers a high bacteria count, ease on equipment, increased plantability and convenient packaging, along with Excailbre encapsulation technology with proven field performance.

The high performance of Graph-Ex assists with low volume rates and the flowability polymer assures easy handling, no bridging, and more accurate planting. Graph-Ex brings the same benefits to on-farm application that Excalibre brought for convenient dealer application.

"ABM products are designed with the farmer in mind, for top yield response, time-saving convenience and accurate planting," said Marty Robinson, ABM marketing director. "With the release of Graph-Ex, producers will gain a low-use rate for improved planting, plus better yielding soybeans, all in the same fast and convenient bulk or planter box application."

Graph-Ex contains a triple-stack rhizobia package to maximize nitrogen fixation, inoculant performance and yield response. One rhizobia strain is for hot, dry soils; a second strain is for cool, wet planting environments; and a third strain enables seeds to nodulate faster in nitrate carry-over conditions.

In the past, pre-treated seed, coated with a fungicide/insecticide package, often left a rough seed surface that interfered with seed flowability. Traditional peat products can be abrasive to planting equipment, causing increased wear on planter parts and leading to frequent part replacements. Graph-Ex eliminates this abrasive and expensive wear and tear on machinery, while increasing seed flowability.