Source: Advan LLC/AgroSource Inc. news release

Advan LLC and AgroSource Inc. announced that AgroSource FireWall 17WP and FireLine 17WP bactericide/fungicide products will be marketed by Advan beginning immediately. FireWall (streptomycin) and FireLine (oxytetracycline) are used to protect fruit trees, vegetable crops, ornamentals and other crops from Fire Blight, Bacterial Spot and other serious bacterial and fungal diseases.

FireWall and FireLine are the new standards for products based on streptomycin and oxytetracycline, respectively. Pome and stone fruit growers have come to trust and rely upon FireWall and FireLine for powerful control of bacterial and fungal diseases.

The formulations of FireWall and FireLine are dry, free-flowing wettable powders that have better physical and dispersion characteristics resulting in easier handling, mixing and spraying. FireWall and FireLine give growers a "convenient, complete and easy-to-work-with program for disease control while offering easier management of product inventories by distributors and grower."

FireWall and FireLine are compatible with most commonly used agricultural chemicals. Packaged as 12x2-pound bags per carton, both FireWall and FireLine are EPA approved and registered for use in all states (except Alaska and Hawaii) and are available through agricultural chemical retailers. Refer to product label for specific crop and disease information.

"These products are an excellent addition to the Advan portfolio," Advan President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Lee said. "They are high quality products, will be exclusive to us and they give growers powerful tools in their plant protection programs."

Taw Richardson, president and CEO of AgroSource, said: "Advan will bring a dedication to these specialty products. They have the strength and experience to work effectively with both growers and distributors. We are looking forward to partnering with Advan to offer pome fruit, stone fruit and other growers protection against these important diseases."