APWeekly - July 25, 2011
Mosaic reduces estimated cost of injunction; EPA approves Agrisure 3122 trait stack; Hackers arrested, Greenpeace investigated; Farm groups meet with LightSquared reps; ASTA spotlights issues for the seed industry; Japanese beetle activity increases in Iowa; Scout for sudden death syndrome in soybean; Brown marmorated stink bug; Dry weather worries farmers; Foliar fertilize to supplement pre-plant?; Watch for 'wilting soybeans'; Armyworms in wheat; Diplodia leaf streak of corn; Rethinking your company’s next move

APWeekly - July 18, 2011
Activists attack Monsanto, Australian GM wheat; Higher fertilizer prices expected this fall; Corn and 'a big long heat wave on the way'; Farmers seek more loans as costs rise; Coalition asks for help saving GPS at InfoAg; Danforth Center licenses technology from Dow; Farmers will spend more for 2012 fertilizer; Grain production not keeping up with demand; 'Evening' protein regulates plant growth; What to look for in an assistant manager; Will soybean benefit from foliar application of nutrients?; Mesotrione carryover into soybean examined; Forecast: Arkansas wheat crop could tie record; Gray leaf spot on corn

APWeekly - July 11, 2011
Ethanol tax compromise hits corn ethanol hard; Mosaic responds to preliminary injunction; WSJ reports Monsanto, Sinochem in talks; BHP Billiton Jansen potash project approved; EPA chief to fight for stricter regulations; Manage and prevent leaf blight in corn; New soil nutrient benchmarking project; Trochanter mealybug may cause yellow beans; New U.S.-Mexico cross-border trucking program; Monsanto GM wheat still far off; Applying nitrogen late in the game; Late-planted soybeans more susceptible to insects?; Wheat streak mosaic severe in some wheat; Corn foliage diseases showing up; Business ethics: do what’s right, or what’s right now?

APWeekly - July 5, 2011
SEC looking at Monsanto’s incentive programs; Corn acreage higher than expected; BASF, Embrapa announce cooperation agreement; Still time to attend InfoAg precision event; Mosaic to continue supplying potash to PCS; Wilbur-Ellis Company celebrates 90 years; Change in prevented planting requirement; CGB Fertilizer is new name for JRT; New high-accuracy GNSS correction service; Monsanto opens new corn breeding facility; Winners and losers in the 'New Normal' economy: The top 10 differences; Some corn showing signs of K deficiency; Bacterial blight in soybean; Reports of ergot in wheat; Goss’s wilt found in west central Iowa

APWeekly - June 27, 2011
CF Industries reopens Port Neal complex; Public comment on FMCSA regulations; Skip corn fungicides unless disease present; Railroads threatened with lawsuit; New wholesale fertilizer company formed; Preliminary approval for bank merger; MU estimates floodway crop loss at $85M; Crop-climate models need an urgent update; Understanding the limits of soil testing; Pythium damping off of soybeans; Loose smut of wheat; European corn borer questions continue; Downsize your information: How to do it and why

APWeekly - June 20, 2011
Agrium finishing up purchase of Tetra; House rejects farm subsidy cuts in spending bill; Syngenta announces new seed brand; Ethanol reform options still being considered; 5,000 Insect Genome Project (i5k) launches; Measuring corn nitrogen status; How horseweed beats herbicides; Pioneer jumps into resistant weed management; New Outback Guidance with long range RTK; Spend less and get more with true integrated marketing; Corn’s response to late-season N application; Should you double crop soybeans in Michigan?; Flood-damaged wheat; Yellow corn plants showing up in Iowa

APWeekly - June 13, 2011
IAP owners to form new company; New report examines impact of GE crops; SFP launches Fertilizer Efficiency Network; Recommend protection against resistant weeds; Bill introduced to reform farm payments; National action plan for managing freshwater; Mini-bulk summit focuses on responsibilities; Dow AgroSciences to buy Prairie Brand Seed; EPA grants 24(c) registration for Permit; Small grain topdressing; Early season soybean diseases; Key wheat pathogen genome sequenced; Wrapped and twisted whorls in corn; Forget time management. Are you managing your energy?

APWeekly - June 6
RapidEye announces restructuring; First EPA national wetlands condition assessment; Pioneer finalizes acquisition of Doebler's PA; 2011 Professional Farm Manager of the Year; Bayer to build new bioscience greenhouse; Associations develop position on climate change; AAS becomes affiliate of Purdue Research Park; EPA approves DuPont's Prevathon insecticide; New mobile version of Pioneer's Web site; Tips on dealing with business storms before they hit; With your corn up, now focus on nitrogen; Evaluating soybean plant stands; Wheat scab risk elevated to moderate to high; Early applications of foliar fungicides to corn?

APWeekly - May 31, 2011
Mosaic and Cargill complete split-off; Prospects for corn acre losses in 2011; Bayer CropScience protecting imidacloprid patent; Court orders EIS for RR sugar beets; Kansas City Chamber honors SFP; What do we do about the yellow fields?; RMA approves Refuge Advanced for BE; House subcommittee cuts ag research funding; Perennial corn, beans are possible in future; After the rains, where is the nitrogen?; Saturated soybean fields; Harvesting short wheat; Early season leaf spots and blights of corn; Professional is spelled with 5 p's!

APWeekly - May 23, 2011
Shortfall expected in ag disaster aid; Weed science underrepresented at universities; Syngenta to invest in new research facility; Doyle Equipment Manufacturing Company moving; Deere announces new China factory; CF Industries won but has troubles ahead; 2011 Professional Farm Manager of the Year; Stay vigilant for soybean aphids in 2011; New seed treatment with new active ingredient; First update on soybean aphids; Nitrogen Watch 2011 launches; Crazy top of corn in 2011?; Apply gypsum after winter wheat to improve soil; Focus on Business

APWeekly - May 16, 2011
Mosaic and PotashCorp in legal fight; 1% of farmland could be out of production; After the flood in Mo.: Farmland or wetlands?; Nufarm sells 4.5 million shares to Sumitomo; 2011 Professional Farm Manager of the Year; Financial impact of wet weather estimated; Climatologists: Weather pattern is improving; Farm banks increased ag loans in 2010; How much nitrogen is left in the fields?; Fungicide seed treatments for soybean; Genomes sequenced of fungi that threaten wheat; Seed mixtures and insurance pest management; Focus on Business

APWeekly - May 10, 2011
No way to stop Mississippi Valley flooding; Congress returns; jumps into key issues; Two hearings set for pending FTAs; GHI brief wants end to trade barriers; New initiative to transform food, ag policy; Concerns raised over federal regulations; Financial guidelines available as download; Growmark finalizes Select Seed acquisition; China gives last approvals for MA merger; The source of Mississippi River phosphorus; CLA hosts new 2012 farm bill discussion; More research needed for soybean diseases; Soil fertility and wet weather response; Corn hybrids adjust to late planting dates; Winter wheat diseases in southern plains; Focus on Business

APWeekly - May 2, 2011
Activists Rally on 'Save the Frogs Day'; Congress Cuts $87M in Research Funds; Questions About Black Cutworm Control; ASFMRA Summer Education Week 2011; NWF Challenges Grassland Protections; Fermentation Manufacturing Facility in Iowa; ICBA: Community Banks Central to Ag Economy; Rice Growers Break 2010 Crop-Growing Record; Topcon Introduces New SGR-1 Receiver; Pivot 'Cruise Control' Introduced; Should You Be Concerned Over N Loss?; Planting Delays and Switching to Soybeans; Plant Virology: Does My Wheat have a Cold?; Seed Decay and Seedling Blights of Corn; Crop Talk Focus on Business

APWeekly - April 25, 2011
EPA, USDA Leaders Claim to Safeguard Ag; Wet Weather to Delay Corn Planting; Green Light Given to Panama Trade Agreement; AFT: U.S. Debt Rating Will Change 2012 Farm Bill; Growing Threat of Wheat Rust Epidemics; Koch Completes Nitamin Acquisition; Report: Biofuels Enhance Energy Security; Agreement Signed Over Endangered Species; Methods Compete to Eliminate Weed Seeds; Growmark to Purchase Indiana Seed Company; Marestail Control Essential to Protect Yield; A Guide For Seed-Placed Fertilizer; Traps Indicate Early Black Cutworm Arrival; Forage, Wheat Holding Up After Hard Winter; Focus on Business

APWeekly - April 18, 2011
Spiking Farmland Prices: The 80s Flashback; Entomologist Challenges Refuge in a Bag; Commodity Prices' Impact on Monetary Policy; Monsanto and Atlas Venture Enter Alliance; Purple Fields Spark Questions, Concern; Senate Votes to Repeal 1099 Provision; Ag Needs a Level Global Playing Field; New Canola Trait Licensing Agreement; Applying N At The Most Profitable Rate?; Research on Louisiana's No. 1 Soybean Disease; Managing Wheat Foliage Diseases; Practices to Increase Corn Yields, Profits; Focus on Business; Crop Update

APWeekly - April 11, 2011
EPA Approves Single-Bag Refuge Trait in Corn; WASDE: No Big Changes in Corn Supply; U.S.-Colombia Trade Deal Making Progress; Crop Farm Income Rose in 2010; Bayer and KeyGene to Collaborate; Co-Development on HPPD Tolerant Trait; Norac Expands U.S. Division; New Regulations Affect Farm Fuel Storage; Production of Bioenergy Crops in the Midwest; Fuzion Technologies Offers Frenzy Veloz; Iunctus Geomatics Joins RapidEye's Network; Residual Control of Marestail in No-Till Beans; Will it Pay to Fertilize Wheat in 2011?; A 2011 Prediction for Stewart's Disease of Corn; Wheat Stripe Rust: Be on the Lookout; Focus on Business

APWeekly - April 4, 2011
Farmers Sue Monsanto over GMO Patents; House Passes H.R. 872, Rejects NPDES; Higher Corn, Wheat, Cotton Planting in 2011; Nominations to Committee on Biotechnology; 2009 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Decline; Syngenta Launches CruiserMaxx Sugarbeets; Beck's Hybrids Partners With MyRainReport.com; 60 New Products With BioPreferred Label; Center for Global Food Security Opened; Does Clover Plowdown Increase Ammonium-N?; Row Spacing by Seeding Rate Studies in Soybeans; Fungicide Application Decisions in Wheat; Understanding and Managing Marestail; Crop Talk; Focus on Business

APWeekly - March 28, 2011
Ag Groups to Intervene in ESA Lawsuit; Herbicide Mode of Action Drought Expected; EPA Administrator Responds to Criticism; Bayer to Acquire Hornbeck Seed Company; Corn Refuge Confusion Causes Concern; NCGA Calls Out Nestle Over Biofuel Remarks; Beck Ag Launches Site for Ag Professionals; Three Herbicides New for Sugar Beets; Temik Insecticide Production to End; Simplot to Build New Idaho Facility; Fungicide Use on Soybeans Studied; Sulfur for Corn: Feast or Famine; Starter Fertilizer Rates, Placement for Corn; Foliar Nitrogen Products for Wheat; Focus on Business

APWeekly - March 21, 2011
New Lawsuit Against Roundup Ready Alfalfa; EPA Faces Scrutiny on Chesapeake Bay Rule; 'Coalition to Save Our GPS' Gains Support; MACA Kicks Off Ag Video Contest; Brazil Approves Dow’s Five-Gene Trait Stack; Trimble to Acquire Certain OmniSTAR Assets; Water Efficient Sugar Beets in the Works; Fuzion Technologies Signs New Agreement; Illinois Farmland Values Spiraling Upward; Amendment to Repeal VEETC Introduced; All Fertilizers Are Not Created Equal; Options for Marestail Control in No-Till Soybean; 2011 Wheat Insect Control Recommendations; Corn Seeding Rate Recommendations; Crop Talk; Focus on Business

APWeekly - March 14, 2011
Sifting Through Latest Glyphosate Info; Readers' Choice Award Presented; Banks Managing Farm Real Estate Loan Risk; Companies Collaborate to Advance Yield; Dow's Seed Quality Control Lab to Expand; ADM Decatur Plant Selling Gypsum; DHS Announces Webinar on March 23; Developing Resistant Starch-Enhanced Wheat; Examining Exports and the U.S. Economy; BASF, Monsanto Announce New Agreement; Focus on Business; Glyphosate Effects on Soybean Diseases; Cotton Nutrition and Fertilization; Corn Flea Beetle and Stewart's Leaf Blight; USDA Drops Wheat Export Forecast

APWeekly - March 7, 2011
Ending Duplicative Pesticide Permit Policy; 2011 Ag Economic Baseline Sent to Congress; Ag Issues Forum Tackles Tough Issues; BASF Shares Details About Xemium Fungicide; Monsanto Debuts Mobile Experience; Groups Want USDA Conservation Cuts Rejected; Sci Protek Signs Deal to Reduce Plant Disease; 2010 Ethanol Production = 13 Billion Gallons; Cooperative to Grow Miscanthus Energy Crop; Tracking Nitrogen Use Efficiency on the Farm; S.D. Soybean Groups Launch New Web Site; Record Warm Weather Not Welcome for Wheat; Predicting U.S. Corn Consumption and Prices for 2011; Crop Talk; Focus on Business

APWeekly - Feb. 28, 2011
Court Decides Not to Destroy RR Sugar Beets; Momentum for Plant Biotechnology Continues; NAICC To Hold 'Focus on Precision' Meeting; Vilsack to Sign MOU to Support Biofuels; National Invasive Species Awareness Week; USDA to Offer Insurance for Biofuel Crops; Purdue Offers Insights into Plantings Report; Third Annual Mid-South Ag Consultant Meeting; Global R&D Funding Up 3.6 Percent; Focus on Business; Should Ammonia Exceed 10 lb N per Unit Soil?; Managing Diplodia Ear Rot of Corn; Can Wheat Lose Winterhardiness During Warm Spells?; Minimize Stand Establishment Diseases

APWeekly - Feb. 21, 2011
Corn Campaign Promotes Water Conservation; Plot to Import Fake Grain Organics; RFA Responds to Anti-Ethanol Amendments; Dow AgroSciences Shares Growth Equation; EPA Seeks Public Comment on Greenhouse Gas; Industry Leaders Collaborate on Precision Ag; Ethanol Leaders to Form New Advocacy Council; Universal Potash Corp Acquires Land; Focus on Business; Crop Talk; Few Investments Offer The Level of Return of Fertilizer; ISA Releases Yield Challenge Data Report; Developing Climate Change-Resistant Wheat; Corn More Profitable Than Beans

APWeekly - Feb. 14, 2011
USDA Approves Corn Amylase Trait; USDA Holds Briefing on FY2012 Budget; ARA Letter Highlighted on PBS NewsHour; Warm Weather to Cut Snowcover to 25%; National Ag Finance Conditions Improve; New Optimum Intrasect With Reduced Refuge; WeatherBill: March 15 Deadline for 2011; Master of Agribusiness Program in Malaysia; EMD Crop BioScience Acquisition Complete; Hemisphere GPS Signs OEM Alliance; Crop Talk; Focus on Business; Large Amounts of N Stored Beneath Selected Areas; New Requirements to Improve Bt Corn Refuge Compliance; Options for Winter Annual Broadleaf Control in Wheat;

APWeekly - Feb. 7, 2011
USDA Partially Deregulates RR Sugarbeets; Flooding Likely in Midwest This Spring; Brazil Approves Syngenta's Triple Stack Corn; Wilbur-Ellis, Bayer Sign Marketing Agreement; 2010 SFP Crop Fertility Ph.D. Program Winner; Patented Crop Battle Might Be Ending; More Worries About EPA Targeting Ag; Background About Roundup Ready Alfalfa Case; Partners Brand Will Sell Corn With Protinus; NCGA Becomes Official Partner of NASCAR; Onset Offers Guide on Wetland Monitoring; Focus on Business; Crop Talk; Webcast for K Fertilization of Soybeans; Spotty Wheat Stands Stir Concern for Wind Erosion; A Broad Optimum Planting Date for Corn?

APWeekly - Jan. 31, 2011
USDA OKs Roundup Ready Alfalfa for Spring; AGCO Invests in North America Manufacturing; Closer to Launching Vistive Gold Soybeans; Brownseed Genetics Forms CB Seed Brand; New Foliar-Applied LCO Promoter Technology; Expert Examines Pricing Implications in Corn; Resource Magazine: Future of Farming; Illinois Bank Buys Interest in Hickory Point; Absentee Landowners Sell Below Market Value; Online Tool Estimates Farms' Greenhouse Gas; Focus on Business; Different N Rate for Higher Corn Populations?; Controlling Barnyardgrass With Corn Hybrids; Workshops Tackle Wheat Production Issues

APWeekly - Jan. 24, 2011
Debate Over U.S. GMO Crops Heats Up; Ag's Role In Protecting Endangered Species; EPA Grants E15 Fuel Waiver for Older Cars; USDA Launches New Biobased Product Label; BASF Signs Herbicide Agreement With Kumiai; Progress on Renewable Energy Production; Bunge, Growmark to Buy Fertilizer Terminal; Climate Change is Affecting Iowans; Marginal Land Could Support Biofuel Crops; Lake Erie Hypoxic Zone's Fish Enigma; New Pivot Controller From T-L Irrigation; Focus on Business; Crop Talk; Can I Skip P & K Applications for a Year?; Effect of Cold on Unemerged Wheat; Spread of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds

APWeekly - Jan. 17, 2011
EPA Delays Greenhouse Gas Rules; AgProfessional Launches Corn Resource Center; Monsanto Opens New Corn Breeding Facility; Farmers Need to Be Their Own Advocates; Pride in CF Industries' Take Over of Terra; DuPont, Dow Resolve Corn Seed Dispute; Bayer to Reduce Operations at Two Sites; AFBF: Strong Farm Safety Net, EPA Oversight; New Automated Crop Reporting Process; Arysta, Cheminova Sign Agreements in EU; Center for Sustainable Energy Farming Formed; Focus on Business; Strip-till: How Far to Plant Seed From Fertilizer Row?; Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Associations Unite

APWeekly - Jan. 10, 2011
Global Biopesticides Sales: $2.8 Billion; Makhteshim Agrees To ChemChina Merger; Economists: Farmland Values Soaring, For Now; Last Chance To Win SFP Quiz; Nitrogen Supply History Explanation; Ag Groups Write White House on GM Alfalfa; Monsanto Announces Nine Project Advancements; Bayer Launches 2011 GlyTol Cotton Varieties; Syngenta Announces Avicta Complete Beans; Norac Receives ISOBUS Certification; Raven Expands Product Offering Into China; Valley Irrigation, CropMetrics Join Forces; New Rule for Joining Fed Crop Insurance; TeeJet Introduces Matrix Pro Guidance System; DuPont to Acquire Danisco for $6.3 Billion; New Study Proves Value of Seed Treatments; Focus on Business; Free Webinar on Low Fertilizer Levels in Soil

APWeekly - Jan. 3, 2011
Ag Secretary Responds to GE Crop Criticism; Voting For 2010 Top Product Ends Wednesday; Justice Dept. Focus on Ag Topics in 2011; China Opens Antidumping Probe Into U.S. DDGS; Organic Grower Wins Spray Drift Appeal; DuPont/Pioneer Acquire Two Seed Companies; EPA Forcing Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Action; Iowa Land Value Really Jumped; Missouri Ag Economy Should Be Strong in 2011; Illinois Cash Rents Up by 70% Since 1990; New Yeast Will Assist in Cellulosic Ethanol; Plant Density Discovery for Biofuels; Focus on Business; Not All Fertilizer Bands Play The Same Song; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Dec. 27, 2010
Court Puts Sugar Beet Destruction on Hold; Bayer Responds About Poncho and Honey Bees; Last Week to Vote for Your 2010 Top Product; USDA/APHIS Held Meeting on GE Alfalfa; Merck to Sell Crop Business To Novozymes; Aflatoxin-Resistant Corn in Development; Rabo AgriFinance Unveils Agribusiness Report; Land Values Webinar Jan. 10; Problems with Soybean Virus in Brazil; China Now 2nd Largest U.S. Ag Export Market; No-Till Reduces Nitrous Oxide Up to 57%; Steyer Seeds to Acquire Horizon Genetics; Social Media Training Offered to Farmers; Focus on Business; Starter Fertilizer: Why It's Done; Bayer Acquires Wheat Breeding Companies

APWeekly - Dec. 20, 2010
Obama Signs Tax Package; Impacts for Ag; U.S. AgBank and CoBank to Pursue Merger; Vote For Your 2010 Top Product of the Year; Frank Lucas Addresses Farm Bill, CRP, EPA; Agrium Sells AWB Limited to Cargill; Biotech, Conventional, Organic Must Coexist; House Reviews Wall Street Reform Measures; Wilbur-Ellis Acquires Advanced Agronomics; China-U.S. Agreement to Boost U.S. Exports; Pioneer, Monsanto See South Africa Backlash; USDA Publishes RR Alfalfa EI Statement; Amendments to Federal Seed Act Regulations; Focus on Business; What Sulfur Source Should I Use?; Crop Talk; Scab Forum Focuses on Genetic Resistance

APWeekly - Dec. 13, 2010
USDA/DOJ Held Final Ag Competition Workshop; Vote For Your 2010 Top Product of the Year; National Scope to Chesapeake Bay Debate; Watch Three Bs in the 2012 Farm Bill; TFI Challenges EPA’s Florida Nutrient Rule; Syngenta's New Next-Gen Corn Rootworm Trait; Irrigation Association Emphasis on Ag; CHS Ends United Harvest Joint Venture; Bayer, Evogene to Improve Wheat Seed; ZedX and IntelliCrop Form Strategic Alliance; BASF, NAAA Award Ag Aviation Scholarships; Syngenta Licenses Soybean Germplasm; Focus on Business; Manganese Fertility in Soybean Production; Vernalization and Yield Potential of Late-Emerging Wheat; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Dec. 6, 2010
Judge Orders GM Sugar Beets Destroyed U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Approved Expect More Acres, High-Tech, Green Farming U.S. Not Ready for Climate Change Reporting Net Farm Income Forecast Up 31% in 2010 BASF Launches Fungicide Education Module Proposal to Extend Ethanol Tax Incentives CCAs of the Year Announced Dow AgroSciences Expands Seed Research Seed Monitoring Added to Integra Display Global Wheat Acres Forecast To Increase 4% Focus on Business What is the Best N Rate for Your Field? Crop Talk

APWeekly - Nov. 29, 2010
New Study Identifies Top Ag Challenges; NCGA Applauds California Ethanol Decision; Meeting Attempts to Quantify Sustainability; Ruling Won't Impact DuPont Seed Availability; Managing Volatility in Agriculture Webinar; Syngenta's Sunflower Seed Acquisition Okayed; Last Amino Acid Gene Discovered; U.S./China Research Sees Missing Corn Gene; Survey Shows Growers Want to Produce Biomass; Growers Should Plant Diverse Genetics; Cornell Receives $9.4 Million for Genomics; AgManager Software Upgrade Released; Crop Talk; Pioneer Your Future Business Success; Drought May Result in Low Soil K Levels; DNA Marker For Stem Rust Resistance

APWeekly - Nov. 22, 2010
EPA to Delay E15 Decision on 2001-2006 Cars; What Farm Programs Expire in 2012?; Judge Rules in Favor of Mycogen Seeds; DuPont Partners With Australian Group; ASFMRA Announces 2011 Meetings and Seminars; Monsanto Opens Cotton Research Site in Texas; Dow Moves Into New Research Building; PHC Signs Harpin Agreement With Syngenta; Report Questions DHS's NBAF Assessment; Onset Unveils Soil Moisture Smart Sensor; Pioneer Hi-Bred Realigns Its Web Sites; Focus on Business; Study: Tile Drainage and Nitrate Loss Linked; Crop Talk; Companies to Develop Better Wheat Varieties

APWeekly - Nov. 15, 2010
BHP Ends Takeover Bid for Potash Corp; USFRA Reveals Initial Focus, Vision; GreenLeaf Genetics Sold to Syngenta; Gavilon Announces Project in Montana; Study Shows RES, Carbon Pricing Benefits Ag; Amity, Wil-Rich to Partner With AGCO; FBSciences Opens Plant Protection Division; ISA Studies Growing Sorghum for Biofuel; Farm Bureau Urges Obama for Tax Relief; Syngenta Food Donation at ASFMRA; Chemtura Completes Financial Restructuring; Hemisphere GPS Unveils VersaSteer Interface; Wind-Farm Development Workshops; Focus on Business; Don't Apply 2,4-D to Emerged Wheat in Fall; Don't Pass Up Fall Fertilizer Applications

APWeekly - Nov. 8, 2010
Update on Roundup Ready Sugar Beets; Canada Halts BHP's PotashCorp Bid; Economist: Elections Mean Status Quo for Ag; Are Higher Corn Prices Needed?; Bayer Enters Two-Year Research Deal; Farmland Prices Still Gaining Ground; Soybean Aphids Remain A Threat; New Online Course on Crop Advising; Landoll Acquires Brillion Farm Equipment; Four New Products From Ag Leader; Two New Soil Sensors Introduced; Chromosome Imbalances Lead to Plant Defects; Evaluating the Wheat FHB Prediction System; Focus on Business Nutrient Losses From Field Fires Crop Talk

APWeekly - Nov. 1, 2010
Bayer Opens New Seed Processing Facility; California Growers Fight Lettuce Fungus; Grant Would Support East Coast Broccoli; Specialty Crop Research Gets a Boost; USDA Announces Organic Research Projects; BHP Faces Key Hurdle This Week; Mosaic's South Fort Meade Partial Settlement; 2010 AOSA Rules for Testing Seeds Released; Site-Specific Genome Agreement Reached; USDA: ACRE Program States That Meet Trigger; ERS Releases Biofuel's Impact Report; Focus on Business; Wireworms Inching Onto Wheat Growers' Radar; Fall Application of Urea: A Risky Practice?; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Oct. 25, 2010
Agriculture Leaves Leonardo Academy; Soybean Pathogen Resists Fungicide; Warm Weather, SCN and Winter Annual Weeds; Sinofert, Potash Corp. Sign Potash Deal; Farmland Price Outlook: Are Prices Too High?; Corn Earworms in Soybean May Be 2011 Problem; Texas Facing Another Drought; John Deere Renames Financial Division; Distribution Rights to Basamid Determined; Focus on Business; Plan for Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization; Guidelines for Harvest Losses; Dry Climate Impacting Western Kansas Wheat

APWeekly - Oct. 18, 2010
EPA Grants E15 Waiver for Newer Vehicles; Sinochem Ends Pursuit of PotashCorp; Growmark Acquires Refined Fuels Terminal; Pesticide Drift Allegations Defeated; New Alliance Formed for Farmers, Ranchers; Weak Currencies May Boost Ag Exports; Becker Underwood Acquires BCP; Ceres Prints Energy Crop Production Guide; EPA Registers New Soybean Seed Treatment; Social Media Workshop for Agriculturalists; ASA Pushes Congress For Four Priorities; SSI Introduces Agvance 5.0; Focus on Business; Timing Critical in Late-harvest Wheat Drying; Nutrient Losses from Burning Corn Residues; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Oct. 11, 2010
Corn Crop Estimate Drop Surprises Industry; Winfield Solutions Acquires Estes Supply; Improvements for Endangered Species Act; Experts Fear Phosphorus Shortage in Future; Hertz Farm Management Buys Wirth Ag Services; Goss's Wilt Disease Expands in Corn Belt; Passing Tax Legislation Most Pressing Issue; AgGateway Offers '3rd Parties' Webinar; China on Track for Good Harvest; Nutrient Foundation Partners With FFA; Iowa Farm Bureau Members File Lawsuit; Wheat Crop Prospects Better This Year; Focus on Business; Phosphorus Runoff Can Be Slowed; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Oct. 4, 2010
New Bill to Protect From Heavy EPA Regs; CLA Discusses Herbicide Resistance; DOT Grants 2-Year Exemption for HOS; EU Sets Isolation Distances for GM Maize; Plan Ahead for Western Bean Cutworm Control; Mosaic Completes Fosfertil Sale; ARS: Black Aspergilli Species Infects Corn; FB: Repeal Form 1099 Requirements; Weather Outlook: Expected Effects of La Nina; The Farmer Perspective on Sustainability; Focus on Business; Weed-Free Seedbed Essential for Winter Wheat; It's Still Too Early for Nitrogen; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Sept. 27, 2010
Ag Industry Testifies on EPA Oversight; New Technology Herbicides Helping in Fight; Corn-Ethanol Energy Efficiency Improving; Milestone Hit in Sequencing Cotton Genome; New Seed Treatment Fungicide for Corn; Black Corn Fields Spotted in Missouri; Camelina: Potential Biofuel Crop in Nebraska; New Life Sciences Research Facility Opens; Annual State-Level PACE Stats Released; LoopNet Acquires LandsofAmerica; Focus on Business; Plan for Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization; Planting Wheat After Corn? A Few Things to Consider

APWeekly - Sept. 20, 2010
New Virus Found in Arkansas Soybean Fields; Chromatin, Syngenta Biotechnology to Partner; Senate Unable to Extend Biodiesel Tax Credit; Scientists Reaffirm Atrazine's Safety; Crop Growth Examined Under Higher CO2 Levels; New Syngenta Web Site Offers Local Info; Pioneer Hi-Bred Partners With Pannar Seed; Texas High Plains Growers Turn to Sunflowers; Scientists Test Corn Genes with MAGIC; New Soybeans Promise Healthier Vegetable Oil; Focus on Business; Selecting Wheat Varieties for Best Yield; Removing Crop Residue Removes Nutrients; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Sept. 13, 2010
EPA to Convene Panel on Atrazine; Monsanto and AgraQuest to Collaborate; Raven Industries Partners With Jacto; Dow AgroSciences, KWS Enter Into Agreement; Bayer Signs Agreement With Chinese OCRI; ASTA Outlines BMP For Quality Seed; Mycogen Accelerates Growth of Corn Business; Syngenta To Sell All Soybeans by Seed Count; The Pros and Cons of Miscanthus; Next-Generation Receiver Technology; Reinke Announces New Wheel Gearbox Warranty; Focus on Business; Visual Symptoms Show Nutrient Deficiencies; Wheat Storage Abroad Means Opportunity;

APWeekly - Sept. 7, 2010
Makhteshim Terminates Albaugh Negotiations; Monsanto's RR2 Trait Marketing Questioned; Updates to VeraSun Bankruptcy; USDA Claims Strength in Farm Economy; Pioneer Expands Seed Research Program; Dow Acquiring Grand Valley Hybrids; BCS and Monsanto Agreement on Poncho/Votivo; Arysta and Syngenta Share Wheat Chemistry; Scoular Acquiring ADA Grain Facilities; Deere & Co. Sells Wind Energy Business; Challenges Seen for Corn Cob Biofuel; Needed Investment in Rural Transportation; Valley Irrigation Introduces Three Products; Focus on Business; Combating Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus; Crop Talk; Soil pH and the Availability of Plant Nutrients

APWeekly - Aug. 30, 2010
Acquisition Could Break Up Potash Cartel; Mosaic Lays Off 140 At Florida Mine; SDS-Resistant Soybeans on the Horizon; Iowa Farmers Participate in Biomass Harvest; DuPont to Open Corn Research Center in Iowa; AccuWeather.com Predicts Favorable September; Variable Ethanol Subsidy Better for Growers; Midwest Farmland Values Still Rising; EnviroLogix Sold to Ensign-Bickford; New Wheat Breeding Collaboration Announced; RapidEye Captures Images of 95% of U.S.; Doane Launches New Speakers Bureau; New Pressure-Compensating Ag Dripline; Focus on Business; More Intensive Crop Nutrition Evades GHGs; Wheat in 15-inch Rows Will Work;

APWeekly - Aug. 23, 2010
Agrium Enters Definitive Agreement With AWB; Southern Corn Rust Confirmed in Indiana; Optimum AcreMax 1 Will Be Eligible for BE; Scout for Late-Season Soybean Diseases; New Bug Eats Kudzu, But Likes Soybeans; Two Ethanol Plants in Iowa to be Sold; Illinois Offers Tax School 2010 Seminars; New 1099 Reporting Requirements; Today's Farmer Should Think Like a CFO; Bayer Agrees To Terminate Aldicarb Uses; Focus on Business; Wheat Seeding Tips for Good Stand Establishment; Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator Update; Crop Talk

APWeekly - Aug. 16, 2010
Bill Would Protect Ag From More EPA Rules; Agrium Makes Proposal to Acquire AWB; 'Wet' and 'Dry' Diseases Pose Challenges; U.S. To Pick Up Wheat Exports From Russia; Charcoal Rot Appearing on Illinois Soybean; K-State Ag Center Focuses on Better Sorghum; ASA Supports Changes in Biofuel Program; New Tool to Fine Tune Seed Contracts; Biagro Western Introduces Seed Treatment; Nutrient Tests Completed on ThermoPotash; Testing Proceeds on Solar Insect Killer; Focus on Business; Soil Test Now, Right Behind The Combine; Viability of Treated, Carryover Wheat Seed; New N Soil Test 'Good for Farmers';

APWeekly - Aug. 9, 2010
NCGA Supports Overturning NPDES Permits; Judge Partially Reverses Ag Ruling; Plant Health Care Licensing with Syngenta; Drought Tolerance Key to Food Needs; Gavilon Announces European Expansion; Avicta Seed Nematicide for Soybeans; High Heat/Humidity Not Best for Corn; Rootworm-Trait Corn Requires More Fertilizer; University Study Monitoring Weed Resistance; ASA Testifies on Issues Affecting Exports; Focus on Business; Scout Your Soybean Fields!; FAO Cuts Global Wheat Production Forecast; High Soil Test P Essential;

APWeekly - Aug. 2, 2010
Wet, Humid Weather Fosters Foliar Diseases; Aphid-Tolerant RR2 Yield Soybeans in 2011; Syngenta Partners With John Deere Credit; Sudden Death Syndrome in Indiana Soybean; Bill May Defer Estate Taxes on Family Farms; Illinois Offers New Master of Science Degree; Two Corn Technologies Receive EU Approval; Mycogen Announces 2011 Corn, Soybeans; EPA Was Asked to Approve E12 Immediately; EU Approves Herculex Corn Stacks; Biofuels' Impact on Commodities Disputed; Focus on Business; Nutrient Use Geographic Information System; Reviewing the 2010 Illinois Wheat Crop;

APWeekly - July 26, 2010
Energy Bill Dies in Senate; Financial Reform Elements' Impact on Ag; Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp in Indiana; Goss's Wilt Found in Corn in Illinois; Operator of the Year Nominations Open; CIPA: USDA Missed Opportunity in SRA; American Vanguard Acquires Cotton Defoliant; Texas Extension Service Cuts Jobs; CHS Foundation Gives $75,000 in Scholarships; DDGS and Coarse Grains Conference Announced; Bacterial Stalk Rot of Corn Showing Up; Mapping Out Pathways to Better Soybeans; Focus on Business; Preharvest Weed Control in Wheat; Through Microbes, N Alters Soil Carbon Cycle

APWeekly - July 19, 2010
Ag Impact of Financial Reform Act Unknown; Hot Weather Puts Soybean Crop At Risk; New Micronutrient Association Formed; AFBF Backs Estate Tax Amendment; 16 Insurance Companies Sign New SRAs; Proposed Rule Would Lower Lending Limit; EPA: 800 Million Gallons Biodiesel by 2011; Bayer Launches Weed Resistance Initiative; Groups Want Comprehensive Climate Change Law; What Happens When Biotech Patents Expire?; Focus on Business; Straw Residue Keeps N on the Farm; Planting Winter Wheat After Prevent Plant; Crop Talk

APWeekly - July 12, 2010
RR1 Export Approvals Set Through 2021; Industry Balks At New Crop Insurance Cuts; Viterra Buys Canadian NH3 Site From Agrium; Glysortia Will Supply Generic Glyphosate; La Niña Conditions Likely in July-August; Mobile Biofuel Plants To Rove Midwest; New U.S. Supply Company Follows Canada Model; Ag Leader Introduces Two New Innovations; NCGA Launches Advanced Leadership Program; Atrazine Controls Weeds Cost-Effectively; SSI, AgriCharts Announce Partnership; Focus on Business; Dealing with DON in Wheat; Applying Nitrogen to Patchy Fields

APWeekly - July 6, 2010
Nitrogen Loss Beginning to Show in Missouri; Public Fears About Science, Food Unwarranted; Strong Approval of Cuban Trade; Monsanto Names Herbicide: Warranty; Report: Steady Progress Toward 25x'25 Goal; New Technology for Biotech Crops; Building a Sustainable Ag Workforce; Report Criticizes Land Use Change Theory; Upgrading to Second Generation Biofuels; Can One-Time Tillage Improve No-Till?; Conditions Right For Double-Crop Sorghum; Focus on Business; Sulfur: The Fourth Major Nutrient; Flowering, Freezing Tolerance Linked in Wheat; Crop Talk

APWeekly - June 28, 2010
Makhteshim Agan Group to Acquire Albaugh; Purdue: Soaked Crops Not a Lost Cause; Context Launches Sustainability Study; AFBF's Five Farm Bill Principles Outlined; Progressive Farm Products Company Acquired; USB to Help Define, Measure Sustainability; Pioneer: Watch for White Mold Conditions; Scorching Heat Expected Through August; USDA Releases Renewal Fuels Report; SDSU Joins Winter Wheat Research Program; BASF is Acquiring Cognis; Focus on Business; Scout for Armyworms in N.D. Wheat; Estimating Nitrogen Losses; Crop Talk

APWeekly - June 21, 2010
Study Confirms Conservation Works; Japan Approves Agrisure Viptera Trait; Study: Modern Ag Good for Environment; Chemtura Files Reorganization Plan; Cotton Dispute Framework Reached; FMC Corp. Acquires Herbicide; Syngenta Biotechnology Begins Expansion; Legend Seeds Acquires Johnson Seed; Save the Soil and Maintain Corn Yields; CHS to Acquire Elevator in North Dakota; Focus on Business; 'Nutrient Source Specifics' Series Introduced; Sawflies Found in Michigan Wheat Fields; Crop Talk

APWeekly - June 14, 2010
Oil Spill May Impact Midwest Grain Exports; Mosaic May Buy Mexican Fertilizer Company; Seed Hybrid Companies Form Alliance; Senate Fails to Halt EPA GHG Regulation; Plenish Soybeans Receive USDA Approval; SSI Acquires FUS Support Inc.; New Biotech Yield Assurance Program Unveiled; ARS Study Shows Best Use of Fertilizers; BASF Releases Farmland Stewardship Survey; Room for Improving Draft NPDES Permit; ParaDyme Systems Now Feature WiFi; Focus on Business; Wheat is Already Turning in Ohio; Pros, Cons Of Choosing Summer N Source; Crop Talk

APWeekly - June 7, 2010
Draft Application Permit Released; Pioneer Acquires Three Seed Distributors; Gulf Oil Spill May Harm U.S. Grain Exports; Farm Manager of the Year Award Nominations; Senate Panel Begins Farm Bill Work; Draft of NPDES Permit for Aquatic Pesticides; ERS Releases U.S. Ag Trade Outlook; DuPont Divests Mancozeb Assets; John Deere Renews Plan to Build New Center; AgraQuest Promotes Green Agriculture; Waconia Manufacturing Announces Changes; Focus on Business; Nitrogen Watch 2010; Yellow Wheat Showing Up in Minnesota; Crop Talk

APWeekly - June 1, 2010
Agrium Seeks to Expand Farm Retail Outlets; Groups Want Climate Bill Modeling Improved; Job Market to Improve for Ag-Related Jobs; Farm Manager of the Year Award Nominations; Predicted 2010 Corn Rootworm Hatch; Cover Crops Can Help Corn N Needs; Time to Scout for Cutworms; Vale Completes Fertilizer Asset Acquisition; New Aflatoxin-Resistant Corn Available; Weed Weather Provokes Herbicide Reminders; Stamina Seed Treatment Use Expanded; Topcon Acquires Inl and GEO; Focus on Business; Virulent New Strains of Ug99 Stem Rust; Corn Nitrogen Management Tips; Crop Talk

APWeekly - May 24, 2010
EPA Comments on ADHD, Pesticide Link Report; Senate Urged to Disapprove GHG Regulation; Global Agrochemical Market to Double by 2014; Farm Manager of the Year Award Nominations; Improving National Security With Food Policy; Heavy Black Cutworm Feeding; Vistive Gold Soybeans Get GRAS Approval; USDA to Help Clean Up The Great Lakes; Dow and Bayer Sign Cotton Agreement; Nufarm Acquires U.S. Sunflower Company; New Tool Offers Facts on Water and Ag; Focus on Business; Proper N Placement Needed for Sidedressing; Groups Support Research on 'Desert Wheat'; Crop Talk

APWeekly - May 17, 2010
Groups Speak Out Against American Power Act; Fewer Droughts Expected in Indiana, Illinois; Farm Manager of the Year Award Nominations; USDA to Cut Funding for Weed Science; Watch for Cool Spring Diseases to Pop Up; Global Seed Market Value Increased 10%; Controlling Weeds in Weather-Stressed Corn; Scout Corn, Soybeans Early to Protect Yields; New Online Resources for Crop Research; ASFMRA Illinois Chapter Launches Summer Tour; Identify Pests Faster With New Tool; New Crop Nutrient Applicator Introduced; Focus on Business; Nebraska Winter Wheat Expected to Survive; Continuous Corn Requires More Phosphorus; Crop Talk

APWeekly - May 10, 2010
Fertilizer Added to Cancer Panel Report; April's Record Warmth Compared to 1988; Study Examines Ag's Role in Climate Debate; John Deere Opens New Facility in Russia; Syngenta, Embrapa Establish Partnership; Use Herbicides to Sterilize, Not Kill Weeds; BIO: Former Presidents Support Biotechnology; AGCO Introduces Vehicle-Tracking System; Bayer to Support Research at Texas Tech; ESN Revamps Web Site; Focus on Business; Estimating N Losses in Wet Soil; Needle Nematodes Found on Wheat; Crop Talk

APWeekly - May 3, 2010
EPA Approves First 'Refuge-in-the-Bag' Seed; Wilbur-Ellis Acquires Premier Ag; Albaugh Launches Anti-Dumping Ad Campaign; First Farm Bill Field Hearings Held; China Purchases U.S. Corn; May Lead to More; Biotech Fruit Might Be Labeled As Pesticide; AgGateway Names New Executive VP/COO; FBFM: 2009 Illinois Farm Income Down; CLA: Public Drinking Water Remains Safe; Spring Scouting Critical For Control; Ag Imagery Service Now on GVM's AgJunction; Dual Product Control Added to Edge Display; Focus on Business; New Tool for Assessing Fusarium Head Blight; Sulfur Considerations for Spring 2010; Crop Talk

APWeekly - April 26, 2010
U.S. Potash Sales Expected to Hit New Record; USDA Unveils Energy Efficiency Plan; Direction of Rows May Increase Yields; Syngenta Joins Sustainability Consortium; New ESN Facility Opens in Missouri; Questions Remain About Fungicides on Corn; ASA Launches Biodiesel Campaign; GREEN Jobs Act Introduced in Senate; House Introduces Clean Water Bill; Vilsack Updates Status of 2012 Farm Bill; Focus on Business; Impact of N Fertilizer Sources on Corn Silage; Stripe Rust on the Move in Kansas

APWeekly - April 19, 2010
Terra Acquisition Completed; The Andersons to Acquire Two Facilities; Project to Enhance Renewable Bioproducts; CF Industries Eyes Common Stock Offering; Agro-Culture To Construct New Plant; QBE Acquires NAU Country Insurance Co.; Hail Damage May Increase Corn Ear Rots; Dow AgroSciences Uses DocuSign Service; Comments Sought on Three Energy Programs; ASA Forms 2012 Farm Bill Working Group; Camelina Could Be Next Biofuel Crop; John Deere Insurance Company Formed; Focus on Business; Plant Analysis for Wheat; The Profitability of Sulfur Application; Crop Talk

APWeekly - April 12, 2010
U.S., Brazil Agree To Settle Cotton Issue; BASF Sues MANA and Cheminova Over Fipronil; Syngenta Partners With CIMMYT for Wheat; Groups Oppose Obama's BPOs for Short Sales; EPA Allows Continued Sale of Spirotetramat; Deadline Extended for Remaining Terra Shares; ASTA Develops Tools for Corn Breeders; Corn Herbicide and Insecticide Precautions; Cotton, Sorghum Acres to Increase in Texas; Monitor Soil Moisture This Spring; Pivot Control From Your Smartphone; Vilsack Addresses Food Security Symposium; Focus on Business; Wheat Springs Forward With Good Weather; Zinc Deficiency and Starter Applications in Corn

APWeekly - April 5, 2010
Initial Exchange Offer for Terra Completed; Canada Won't Challenge CF-Terra Deal; Drought, Oil Prices Drove 2008 Food Crisis; Higher Corn, Soybean Acreage Expected; Groceries Now Half of All Wal-Mart Sales; Farming Eco-Friendly and Profitable, Too; Monsanto to Expand N.D. Seed Facility; Mosaic Invests In New Peru Phosphate Mine; Chromatin Expands at University of Illinois; Diverse Wheat Tapped for Antifungal Genes; New Methylated Seed Oil Introduced; Focus on Businessl; Spring N Management for Winter Wheat; The Roots of Nutrient Uptake