The acquisition by CF Industries of Terra Industries resulted in some fairly strong opinions as noted by the people who replied to AgProfessional's most recent Web Poll. A new Web Poll is posted every two weeks. We'd like to encourage more readers of this e-newsletter to vote your opinions and leave comments to future Web Polls.

TheWeb Poll results to this question:
Do you approve of CF Industries acquiring Terra Industries?
A. Yes — 22.4%
B. No — 59.7%
C. I don't care — 17.9%

Readers' Comments:

"I would have rather seen Yara. I don't approve the way CF markets there production."

"Monopoly. Too many mergers and government takeovers. Not good for our society."

"Fertilizer manufacturers compete worldwide. As long as CF has access to inexpensive natural gas, we're fine."

"If it was going to happen, better this way than the other."

"I feel that we lost some competitiveness with the merger. Fewer players in the market."

"They will control too much of the market."

"There is already too much consolidation in the fertilizer industry, resulting in minimal competition."

A total of 67 votes/responses were received.