Larry Mills, GIS/GPS coordinator for M&M Air Service, Beaumont, Texas, was randomly selected as the winner of the $250 Bass Pro Shops gift card for participating in this year's AgProfessional reader survey of the March issue of AgProfessional magazine.

The online readership research was developed and conducted by Paramount Research. It determined the best read articles and most impactful advertisements and allowed those participating in the research to recommend the topics for future editorial content of the magazine. The topics most requested for future editorial articles were fertilizer and personnel/business management, so look for editorial emphasis in these areas in future issues of AgProfessional.

A pleasant surprise from the study for the AgProfessional staff was learning that more than 36 percent of the survey respondents regularly visit the magazine's associated Web site. This is a testament to recent upgrades to the Web site content. A total of 49 percent of the respondents listed their perceived value of the AgProfessional Web site as of "high/moderate" value.

"Providing interesting news and feature topics to the Web site has been a major goal of the AgProfessional staff during the past year. Those include adding short video interviews shot by the writers; providing "Focus on Business" columns from outside of agriculture, but appropriate for improving agricultural business operations; and including all the new product announcements," said Richard Keller, AgProfessional editor. "I'm still confident that we are doing the right things to add interest and appeal to the Web site and that readers of the magazine will be checking out the site much more in 2008. It isn't just a repeat of the monthly magazine or the weekly electronic newsletters but a site that deserves being looked at daily, if for no other reason than to read the breaking news of the day."

Another area of readership surveyed, showed 79 percent of readers chose AgProfessional over CropLife (19 percent) with 2 percent uncommitted in answering the question-"If you could only choose one publication, which one would you choose for the greatest value for your business?"