Cotton growers know Stoneville cotton seed has a tradition of excellence through early season vigor and rapid stand establishment. For 2008, new varieties in this portfolio from Bayer CropScience will improve the tradition.

"Summaries of 2007 university and company variety trials continue to show our varieties are among the highest yielders in the industry across varying environmental conditions," said Kyle Maple, U.S. Stoneville marketing manager. "The field performance of our varieties each year allows growers to see firsthand the advancements our breeding program makes. We expect that our 2008 variety lineup will be no different."

This year's varieties cover multiple maturity zones and the latest trait technologies, with a focus on Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex. Growers have recognized the potential of these varieties to deliver high profits across varied geographies.

"Six plus years ago, the best Stoneville germplasm was selected and aggressive trait integration was started to deliver varieties across the Cotton Belt," Maple said. "One of the first results from this effort was ST 4554B2RF. It is the leading Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex variety among all brands for a second consecutive year because it consistently produces high yields and quality fiber."

In 2008, the breeding program that delivered ST 4554B2RF introduces two new products with high yield and quality potential. Joining this year's lineup are:

  • 4498B2RF is an early to midmaturity Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex product that provides excellent yield potential and fiber quality characteristics. It has outstanding early season vigor for rapid and consistent stands. It features medium height, compact shape and is responsive to Stance plant growth regulator.
  • ST 5458B2RF is a midmaturity Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex product that produces yield and fiber quality packages similar to ST 4554B2RF, but matures about one week later. Plant height should be monitored and controlled with Stance.

Bayer CropScience also will continue to offer the following highly adaptable Stoneville varieties:

  • ST 4427B2RF is a broadly adaptable Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex variety proven to perform under a wide range of environments with excellent yield potential. This is an early to midmaturity variety with moderate height characteristics, which can be monitored and controlled with Stance.
  • ST 4554B2RF is an outstanding choice for growers who prefer an early to midmaturity Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex product that consistently produces excellent quality fiber. The medium plant height, compact shape and good response to Stance make this product an excellent choice for productive soils where excessive vegetative growth is a concern.
  • ST 5327B2RF is a midmaturity Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex variety that has performed well across the Cotton Belt. Its stovepipe fruiting habit makes it an excellent choice in all row widths, including narrow-row configurations. It does not tend to have extremely aggressive growth. However, height should be monitored and appropriately controlled with Stance.

The new varieties for 2008 join trusted performers with the latest traits to offer growers the choices they have come to expect Stoneville varieties to deliver over a wide range of production environments.