REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- The YaSheng Group High Tech Agricultural Segment and the Gansu Yasheng Academy of Science have developed a strain of cotton that is disease-, drought- and insect-resistant.

The company has sowed 584 acres and gained a record-breaking harvest that yielded more than 20 percent of normal, according to a company news release.

This strain of cotton can resist insect and disease by applying transgenic technology and solves many problems that have burdened the local industry for many years. This cotton strain will also do better under water shortage conditions.

The cotton boll output has increased, and the cotton strain is well received by Chinese farmers because of its compatibility with the local environments. YaSheng expects this development to increase yields by 20 percent, with the quality reaching international standards that will open up new markets.

The company has also mastered the ability to develop and grow colored cotton, keeping up with modern developments in the textile industry. The company is expected to further tap into the textiles market by producing this strain of quality cotton that is leading the demand of the development of the textiles industry in China and within other countries in Asia.

The YaSheng Group, a diversified industrial conglomerate incorporated in Redwood City, Calif., operates in hi-tech agriculture, salt chemistry and biological technology as its core business, with land, mineral resources, capital and technology reserves.

Through its 136 subsidiaries, the company operating categories include: chemical engineering, agricultural production, biotech, pharmaceuticals, textile products, printing and dyeing, commercial trading, beverages and inorganic salt manufacturing.

SOURCE: The YaSheng Group via