SAN DIEGO -- World Waste Technologies Inc. has filed a provisional patent covering an energy self-sufficient process for the treatment of municipal solid waste into the production of mixed alcohols (including ethanol) through a synthetic gas and catalyst process.

The process also includes the co-generation of renewable electricity from a producer gas as well as a process for efficiently separating the resulting mixed alcohols from hydrocarbons and other liquids.

Separately, the company announced the formation of a Technical Advisory Board to assist it in advancing its business of creating usable commodity products including ethanol and co-generated renewable electricity from municipal solid waste. William A. Farone and Lee Torrens, along with World Waste Director David Gutacker, have agreed to serve on this advisory board.

To date, World Waste has focused on converting MSW into a cellulose biomass which the company currently refines into an unbleached fiber known in the paper industry as "wetlap pulp". The company has also been investing in potential improvements to the core process designed to produce fuel grade alcohols, including ethanol, as well as processes for co-generating renewable electricity.

World Waste Technologies Inc. is seeking to commercialize patented and proprietary technologies that management believes will allow a significant amount of municipal solid waste to be recycled into beneficial products. The Company recently completed construction of its initial facility in Anaheim, California.

SOURCE: World Waste Technologies Inc. via Business Wire.