World Energy, a producer and distributor of biodiesel fuel, has announced an exclusive production agreement with Dow Haltermann Custom Processing (DHCP), a Dow business unit comprised of operations within The Dow Chemical Company and Johann Haltermann, Ltd.

"We are very enthusiastic about our collaboration with Dow," said Gene Gebolys, founder and president of World Energy. "Dow's global reputation for manufacturing excellence coupled with our rigorous attention to high-quality biodiesel production results in a win for both companies, as well as for consumers and the environment."

DHCP will produce biodiesel at its Houston location exclusively for World Energy in North America. DHCP will source the raw materials and produce biodiesel fuel to World Energy's exacting specifications under the agreement.

"Manufacturing biodiesel for World Energy is yet another example of how Dow is using its capabilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency through a variety of means, including the advancement of alternative forms of energy, ranging from fuel cell technology to renewable feedstocks," said Simon Upfill-Brown, general manager of Dow Haltermann Custom Processing.

Source: Company Release