By now many of you may have heard that Sulfoxaflor, the active ingredient in Transform, recently lost a major court decision in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The suit was led by the Pollinator Stewardship Council, beekeepers, and other bee advocacy groups. To sum up the decision, the courts ruled that the EPA did not have substantial evidence that the products effects on bees had been studied sufficiently prior to registration.

What does this mean for the Mississippi?

Cotton: Over the last several years Transform has proven to be a highly efficacious product against the Tarnished Plant Bug and Cotton Aphid. It has essentially replaced 1-3 dicrotophos and acephate sprays for plant bugs in the MS Delta region.

Grain Sorghum: Transform is essentially 1 of the 2 (Sivanto) only available options to control Sugarcane Aphids in grain sorghum (a new devastating pest of grain sorghum). This will increase the likelihood of resistance to Sivanto substantially in the coming year.

At this time it is not clear what choices growers will have for 2016 but this decision no doubt will affect our overall IPM program for next year. As growers have begun to find out about the cancelation of Sulfoxaflor, many growers have expressed concern and frustration. As we learn more we will share.