OMAHA -- Westin Packaged Meats has acquired the Brookfield Farms corned beef brand and related business assets.

Brookfield Farms, formerly located in Chicago, Ill., is the nation's leading corned beef brand, selling more than 20 million pounds of corned beef per year to food service and retail outlets nationwide.

Westin Packaged Meats is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westin Foods, a privately held, branded food manufacturer headquartered in Omaha.

Scott Carlson, president and CEO of Westin Foods, said he is committed to maintaining Brookfield Farms' leadership position in the corned beef industry and to expanding its product line with other innovative offerings.

"Brookfield Farms enjoys a reputation for quality, value and customer service that fits perfectly with Westin's mission," Carlson said. "We look forward to building on the Brookfield brand equity, not only in the corned beef category, but also by developing exciting new Brookfield Farms branded products in related categories."

Carlson said new Brookfield Farms products under discussion include pre-cooked, sliced corned beef and pre-cooked barbecue products, among others. "We are dedicated to bringing foodservice distributors, retailers and national accounts delicious, on-trend innovations that will add value to their customer relationships and profit to their bottom lines."

"Westin Foods is entirely consumer driven," Carlson said. "Our goal is to help our customers anticipate and capitalize on the next wave of consumer demand for value-added meat products."

Brookfield Farms' manufacturing operations will move to Premium Protein Products' state-of-the-art plant in Lincoln, Neb., which is majority-controlled by Flint Hills Foods. Carlson said this high-tech manufacturing facility would ensure Brookfield Farms' competitiveness from both a cost and a food safety perspective.

"This will be the most advanced corned beef plant in the nation," Carlson explained. "It is part of the significant long-term investment Westin is making in the Brookfield Farms brand and packaged meats category."

Carlson said the transition of manufacturing to the Lincoln plant has been carefully planned to ensure seamless supply to Brookfield Farms' customers.

Westin Foods is a diversified, privately held processed foods manufacturer

A pioneer of the retail, fully cooked entree category, Flint Hills Foods is an innovator in the meat industry, creating such brands as Raised Right Beef -- a source-verified organic and natural meats line, and AnyTime Bacon.

SOURCE: Westin Packaged Meats via Business Wire.