MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA - Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) announced that its VPG Transducers division is now offering a full range of custom sensing and measurement solutions for agricultural equipment manufacturers.

For example, VPG Transducers and a manufacturer of standard row planters have developed a solution using force sensors which are integrated into the planter assembly. The force sensors dynamically measure the force imparted on the gauge wheel structure and then adjust the down force as required to ensure the depth gauge wheels are not over- or under-compacting the soil in the seed trench.

The VPG solution helps farmers to avoid over-compacting the soil during planting, which greatly improves overall crop yield by ensuring that each seed is planted with the optimal degree of soil compaction. This allows germination to occur uniformly and at the same rate, which is essential for crop consistency. With standard equipment, farmers can only inspect the soil visually to determine a presetting for the down force, which is generally imprecise and may change from one area of the field to another.

Sensors from VPG Transducers for agricultural machinery applications are designed and manufactured to survive in the harshest of environments, and help to improve the overall quality of OEM equipment design with their exceptional reliability and longevity.

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SOURCE: Vishay Precision Group