Vivid Life Sciences has established a U.S. research and development program at more than 10 locations across the country through its extended network of top research professionals. Among the research partners is AgriThority, an independent global science consultancy.

The R&D network will further define and advance Vivid Life Science's technology platforms, including seed treatments, yield enhancement products and biologicals in row crops and vegetables.

"The main focus of our research program is to test our technology platforms to determine where we can help American farmers better solve yield issues and, in turn, improve their ROI," said Josh Krenz, CEO of Vivid Life Sciences.

"Through our research, we are able to help our partners and distributors better position our technologies with the right farmer on the right acres."

Krenz says that Vivid Life Sciences has identified some key issues that farmers face. With their research, they will directly test products in real-world situations.

"One area we're focusing on is zinc," explained Krenz. "We've seen differences in zinc utilization based on the type of hybrid, moisture level, temperature and farming practices. We are learning how to deliver zinc to mitigate variability in emergence and germination so farmers can get higher, more consistent stand counts."

A secondary goal for the Vivid Life Sciences research network is to take global agricultural practices and developments and apply them to the company's technology platforms.

Research locations are in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and California. Vivid Life Sciences will also add a Nebraska location next year.

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