REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN -- Viterra Inc. announces the availability of Pulse Star(TM), a new addition to the Company's exclusive line-up of Viterra branded crop protection products.

"Our farm customers require crop protection solutions that protect their investment and their ability to grow quality products to meet rising world demand," said Doug Wonnacott, Senior Vice-President, Agri-products. "Through the launch of Pulse Star and our expanding crop protection line-up, we are fulfilling our commitment to provide producers with new products and agronomic services that meet their needs."

Pulse Star protects field peas, dry beans and alfalfa against grassy and broadleaf weeds, including green foxtail, redroot pigweed, hemp-nettle, chickweed and cleavers. It is registered in the Black and Grey Wooded soil zones on the Prairies.

Viterra Inc. is Canada's leading agribusiness, with extensive operations and distribution capabilities across Western Canada, and with operations in the United States, Japan, Singapore and Geneva. The Company is diversified into sales and services of crop inputs and equipment, grain handling and marketing, livestock feed, agri-food processing and financial products.

SOURCE: Viterra Inc. via Marketwire.