Verticalnet, Inc., a provider of supply management solutions, has announced that Cargill, the $63 billion provider of food, agriculture, and risk management products and services, is leveraging Verticalnet's Advanced Sourcing solution to drive transportation sourcing initiatives across the United States and Europe. With the support of Verticalnet's on-demand software and consulting services, Cargill has already completed a sourcing project for bulk liquid transportation in Europe and is in the process of sourcing dry van shipments in the United States.

The market for transportation is characterized by rising costs due to fuel price increases and constrained capacity across all modes, necessitating that companies look beyond traditional, price-focused reverse auctions for transportation.

With the Verticalnet solution, Cargill expects to see improved carrier performance while controlling costs as they uncover previously untapped economies that will both save Cargill money and provide a more attractive award package for carriers. The new transport management model will create a higher distinctive value for Cargill's internal and external stakeholders while harmonizing quality standards and leveraging best practices across the chain.

Source: Company Release