NEW YORK -- Veridium Corporation plans to showcase its new Dissolved Air Flotation ("DAF") sludge recycling and Tornado Generator(TM) technologies at the 2006 International Poultry Expo this week in Atlanta, Ga.

While the applications for Veridium's technologies extend across many industries, Veridium's first target is livestock and poultry processing facilities. Veridium's proprietary DAF sludge processing and Tornado Generator(TM) technologies can quickly enable significant improvements in process efficiencies for these facilities.

David Winsness, president and chief operational officer of Veridium's new technology division, said that "By reducing inefficiencies for livestock and poultry processing facilities, we are helping our clients to reduce their consumption of virgin natural resources and their waste disposal expenses, as well as the impact on the environment of that disposal. We are excited to offer our technologies and process enhancements to livestock and poultry processing facilities and we look forward to presenting our capabilities at the International Poultry Expo."

Veridium's proprietary DAF sludge processing technology effectively reduces the volume of DAF sludge by 80 percent while recovering the majority of the animal fats contained in the waste of livestock and poultry processing facilities.

Poultry processing facilities alone generate an estimated 500 million gallons per year of this sludge. Our technology enables livestock and poultry processing facilities to dramatically reduce the volume of sludge they are shipping and disposing. This translates to reduced costs and increased profitability for livestock and poultry processing facilities.

Veridium's Tornado Generator(TM) accelerates compressed air to supersonic speeds to instantly grind, flash desiccate and atomize solid and liquid wastes and other materials into micron sized powders. The Tornado Generator(TM) is robust and cost-efficient and is capable of direct implementation in many industrial processes.

The technology is currently installed at Protein Solutions LLC, located in Joplin, Mo., where the technology effectively processes and dehydrates poultry products into highly nutritional and shelf stable products. This system operates 24 hours per day, 5 days per week to produce high quality animal fats, chicken broth and dehydrated poultry proteins, and reduces waste and increases profit.

Veridium Corporation is a publicly traded industrial waste recycling company and holds the rights to more than a dozen proprietary universal processing, water purification, emissions control and waste recycling technologies.

Veridium is approximately 65-percent owned by GreenShift Corporation, a publicly traded business development company whose mission is to develop and support companies and technologies that facilitate the efficient use of natural resources and catalyze transformational environmental gains.

SOURCE: Veridium Corporation via Business Wire.