By Bryan Jensen, Dan Heider
University of Wisconsin IPM Program

It's the time of year when you may be receiving calls to troubleshoot crop health problems (or trying to do so yourself as a grower). Sometimes the diagnosis is routine because problems are commonplace or symptoms are expressed in "text-book" fashion. Other times injury symptoms are more difficult to diagnose because of multiple problems, unusual weather, pest interactions, etc.

Whatever the situation, accurate diagnosis is best when all the information is observed and collected during the first field visit. We have prepared a Troubleshooting Crop Injury form which we hope will assist you in that process. Not all sections on the form will be necessary to complete. However, our goal would be to remind you of what to look for and where to find it. Nothing is more frustrating than to think back and realized you may have overlooked something.

SOURCE: University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Crop Manager newsletter.