LITTLE RIVER, S.C. -- I.E.T. Inc. has received an $80,000 Phase I grant from the USDA under the Small Business Innovation Research Program to look at using a natural oxidizing agent for plant protection.

I.E.T. Inc. is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd.

I.E.T.'s proposal to the USDA centered on research involving plant production and protection as the subject applies to developing commercially viable EcaFlo(TM) equipment for use in agricultural applications.

I.E.T.'s EcaFlo equipment produces anolyte and catholyte. Anolyte is a strong oxidizing solution used as a germicidal agent, and has been demonstrated to be effective against pathogenic bacteria/viruses. It may prove successful as a "natural" fungicide and environmentally-responsible microorganism control agent for fruit and vegetable crops.

IEVM's management is working with USDA's Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service to execute all necessary documents in order to move forward with the collaborative research work set forth in the Phase I grant. The work will be performed by IET's engineering, scientific and technical staff in concert with researchers from Coastal Carolina University and Clemson University.

SOURCE: Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd. via Business Wire.